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I had the privilege of spending some time in Washington, D.C. this week.  During some free time, I explored some of the monuments and museums, some which I have been to many times.  I thought about some of the people these monuments honored.  I thought about some of the amazing pieces of the history of humanity and nature that were represented in the museums.  I thought about the government of my nation.  One of the thoughts which recurred to me many times was none of these are perfect.  The greatest leaders, which the monuments are tributes to, were not perfect.  The men and women who are remembered for their bravery and their sacrifices in battles were not perfect.  The government of our nation is not perfect.  The very monuments themselves are not perfect.  Yet, they all have a lasting impact on our nation, our world, and myself as I stand and reflect in their shadows.

This has led me to realize something which is very important about myself, and I would dare to say about each of you who read this…. I am not perfect.  However, my imperfections do not limit my ability to have a positive and lasting impact upon others.  Much like the women and men who are acknowledged and honored throughout our nation’s capital, in spite of my imperfections, I can contribute in meaningful ways to the lives of others, my community, and my nation.  As a believer in the Lord, I can acknowledge my imperfections with confidence that in my weaknesses and failures, the Lord can still use me and can bring forth good.

So my challenge to each of you today is to not allow your imperfections to limit your contributions.  Give the best of what you have in your service to others.  Let the Lord overcoming your imperfections with the Lord’s perfection.  Contribute and do not sit idle.  While you or I may never have a memorial erected in our honor, none of the men and women with monuments ever expected such an honor.  They just did what they could to contribute to the world around them for the benefit of the world.


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