Is Anybody Out There?   6 comments

One of the most difficult things to do is to write, speak, or perform without a clear sense that there is an audience.  Feedback has a huge influence upon a person’s abilities.  There are positive and negative forms of feedback.  However, no feedback is much worse than even negative feedback.  A writer, speaker, or performer has a desire that the message they are trying to communicate is being received by at least someone.  Feedback gives reason for the person to continue in the communication.

As a writer of this blog, I have the advantage of a tool that allows me to see when my blog posts are viewed and by how many viewers.  Each day before I begin to write my post, I look at those statistics.  This is a great tool but it still lacks the level of feedback that I would enjoy so much.  I intended that this blog be a way to engage in conversation.  There are a few posts which have elicited some comments but those are fairly infrequent.  I interpret that as either meaning I am not provided content that others wish to engage with or that not many people are actively reading my posts.

As a speaker, I have the same need to have feedback.  I need to know that I am effectively communicating a message.  I hope that what I am speaking about would be a catalyst for discussion.  Feedback and engagement would indicate that someone is actually listening and I am communicating on a level that makes sense.  Only through feedback am I able to make adjustments if my communication is missing the mark.

Every writer, speaker, or performer who is desiring to excel in their form of communication, craves feedback.  At performances, the audience provides feedback through applause.  Speakers receive feedback when people either engage in questions or comments during or after the speech.  Writers of blogs seek feedback by comments.

So, I ask you…… is anybody out there?

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6 responses to “Is Anybody Out There?

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  1. I am here

  2. Thank you Doyle!

  3. I’m here, Jim 🙂 It’s good to know you are wanting conversation to grow out of your posts. I’ll be more likely now to respond.

  4. I’m out here. I always enjoy reading your posts. Sometimes I don’t reply for fear of saying too much. 🙂 You might not want me to get started. I’ll try to respond more often.

  5. I’m here. I enjoy reading your blog and it gives me a lot to think about. I’d rather dialog face to face. That attorney thing….don’t put it in writing.

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  6. I read most if not all of your blog posts. I just don’t usually have much to say; they seem like good analysis or advice. I’ll try to remember to correspond if I have real questions.

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