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One of the pitfalls that many organizations and individuals encounter is that they can easily become too risk averse.  What I mean by that is too often the fear of failure or a desire not to lose what has already been gained can lead organizations and individuals from avoiding taking on risk. In order for movement or change to occur, there is some level of risk which must be assumed.  However, too often in the culture of today, people run the opposite direction from anything which appears to be “risky.”

Now let me be clear, taking haphazard risks is never a good idea.  Yes, on rare occasions this approach may still lead to success but that is the exception, not the norm.  However, taking on some level of calculated risk is frequently necessary if progress is going to occur.  Progress means heading off of the status quo.  Whenever a person or organization moves from status quo, there is automatically some risk which is assumed.  The amount of risk being assumed and for what purposes must be measured and a decision regarding those items must be made.

Probably the greatest risk that people want to avoid is the risk of failure.  We tend to have a strong aversion to failure.  No one ever really likes to fail but failure can be a valuable learning tool.  If we fail and learn from that failure, we will grow and it can help us to progress in the areas of success.  Failure is truly only negative when we do not learn from those failures and we repeat the same actions or decisions which caused us to fail.  (Unfortunately, institutions often struggle to learn this.)

This whole process of thought came about during the study of a passage from the Bible which I am doing today.  So I encourage you to read Matthew 25:14-30.  I also encourage you to explore being a little more risky.


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  1. Thanks for making me think today…..after yesterday. Sometimes I take too many risks and other times I take none. I struggle to find the happy medium. But, your thoughts have caused me to stop and actually think on a day when I have no time to actually be doing that. Thanks a whole bunch! 🙂 🙂 Appreciate you putting your thoughts down on this topic.

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