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Well, this week it has become evident that winter is eager to arrive.  Most of this week has been filled with cold winds and snow flurries.  There is talk that this weekend will produce the first significant amount of snow in our area.  I must confess that I like the winter weather less every year.  Today as I was walking back from the local coffee shop, the wind was blowing strongly against me and the cold seemed to be penetrating every piece of clothing that I am wearing.  I often say that the wind always makes the cold of winter seem so much worse.

As I sat in my warm office after returning, I spent some time thinking about the cold wind.  I thought about the biting feeling of that cold wind.  I pondered the way that it I struggle to move forward against that wind and the extra energy that I exert because of it.  These thoughts caused me to reflect upon the “cold winds” of life; those individuals and situations that seem to bite at me and cause me to struggle.  I believe that this can also be witnessed in the lives of organizations; the “cold winds” that make forward progress seem very difficult.

Whether we are talking about the cold winds of winter weather or the cold winds of life, the important thing to do is to insure that you have someone who can “warm” you up.  Just as wrapping up in a blanket on a snowy and windy night can bring warmth and comfort to your body, having friends and family who can wrap around you during the cold periods of life are invaluable.  Facing the cold becomes more bearable if you are assured that there is something or someone in your life that can bring you warmth.

I am grateful that the Lord has provided me warmth in life by those who have become a part of my life.  I am grateful that the Lord provides me an endless source of warmth through the Lord’s love.


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