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One of the difficult aspects for many leaders, and people in general, is accepting that you cannot control everything.  We often get a “God-like” complex or mindset.  We try to manage, control and/or manipulate everything in our lives.  However, there is not a one of us who has ever been able to accomplish this feat.  There is a need to realize that not all things are within one person’s control.  This is actually very good since all gifts, talents, knowledge, or wisdom is found residing in one person.  So the first step is to acknowledge that I cannot control everything.

Once a person has made the above acknowledgement, the next step is to determine which things are truly under your control.  By clearly identify the aspects of life that you have power and/or authority over, you know where you can focus your time and energy.  These are the areas in which you can make an impact.  Your decisions, actions, and attention will guide or change the situation.  Second step is to name the areas where I have control.

After completing the second step, the goal of the leader or individual is to affect positive influence on those areas.  While there are some individuals who relish in exerting negative influence, most people would want their involvement in an area of life to bring about positive results.  Often any negative influence is the result of not handling steps one and two listed above.  Therefore, the third step is to affect positive influence in the areas where I have control.

Most people stumble on step one so never make it effectively to step two or three.  I challenge all of my readers to work on these three steps in their lives.  I know for myself, this requires a daily effort.


Posted November 19, 2014 by thoughtfulbeliever in Experiences, Leadership, Life

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