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Ever have one of those weeks when it seems that you have more to do than you can ever get done?  This week seems to be one of those for me.  Yesterday was especially busy with tasks that I needed to complete.  There were other individuals waiting on my completion of certain tasks so I knew there would be no procrastination.  When I have weeks like this one, I think about the well-known question and answer…..

Q:  How do you eat an elephant?

A:  One bite at a time!

That question and answer comes in very handy as a reminder that you must not be overwhelmed by the enormity of the tasks (or at least your perception of the tasks) but must instead work through them at a steady pace.  It helps me to repeat this to myself so that I have a manageable perspective on my workload.

So the next time you are feeling overwhelmed at work or at home, which is highly probable during the holiday season, remember to eat the elephant one bite at a time.


Posted November 20, 2014 by thoughtfulbeliever in Leadership, Life

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