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As is my custom, I worked over the weekend trying to get the Christmas lights on the outside of the house to work.  Last week, I picked up the additional strings of lights that were needed to replace the lights that were not working on original testing.  So with some help, I strung lights on all the normal locations and then yesterday attached drop cords and put out the remaining lawn displays.  The moment came to turn on the light switch inside and see what the outcome outside was going to be……  and much like Clark from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, I was met with disappointment.  Some of the issues were just realizing that some strings had not been plugged in but there were other strands of lights and the animated white deer which were just dead.

Now anyone who is given the task of managing the outdoor Christmas light display will tell you, frustration usually accompanies the task.  Add to the expected frustration of lights that were tested not working the matter of having temperatures in the teens, you have a desire to just throw in the towel.  However, most individuals who are assigned this duty will quickly tell you there is a part of you that refuses to let the many strands of lights and displays win.  So like everyone in this role, I began the search for replacement strands.  I had determined a few years ago that it was wiser to just throw away a non-working strand of lights than to try to determine which bulb or which fuse was the issue.  So when I buy replacements, I buy one more than needed because I am confident that another strand will falter.  I used all my extra strands and determined that I still needed to purchase one more strand and a replacement for my dead deer.  Unfortunately, no place in town had the items which I needed.  So after dinner, I made a trip into the metro to get the items.

Upon arrival back home, I began the task of finishing the replacement work.  Of course by now it is dark outside and that means even colder temperatures.  I test the new strand, walk outside, climb the ladder, and put the replacement on the tall bush.  Before securing it in place, I plug it in and find that half of the new strand has decided not to work.  So I take it down, go into the house, and begin to tinker with it in hopes that it will work.  Replacing the fuses did nothing to change the situation.  So I began wiggling each bulb.  Finally, the culprit is found.  I tighten it in its socket and head back out.  This time it continues to work even after being hung and secured.

I then assemble the new white deer.  This one has glitter on it so of course there is glitter all over the floor and some on me.  I test the deer and it is working.  So out in the cold I go again.  I place deer in the appropriate spot, anchor it to the ground and plug it in.  It works like a charm.  Although, I notice that it is using white LED light bulbs and everything else on the lawn uses regular yellow bulbs.  Oh well, I am too tired to care at this point.

Then this morning arrives, I go outside to take the dogs for their outdoor needs and guess what?  Yes, you are correct….  The deer is faintly flickering and I found a new strand of lights not working.  Guess I have another project awaiting me.

I share this story to remind each of you how to remain determined in achieving the tasks which you have been assigned and/or accepted.  There can be times of great frustration.  However, as in the case of my outdoor Christmas lights, determination will help you achieve, your goal.  I love the end result of my work with the outdoor Christmas lights.  I am sure you will come to appreciate your completed tasks as well.


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  1. What a patient person. I’m impressed. 🙂

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