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One of the most difficult things for most of us is making sure that we focus our time and energy on the big items of life and not let the little items distract us.  What I am referring to requires perspective.  When we look at the life span of a human in comparison to the whole time line of creation, we realize that our length of time is pretty small.  This reality, helps to put perspective upon the various crises, tasks, and challenges of life.  The question that each of us should ask when confronted with these items is… How will this impact the forward movement of life?

I am not advocating that we ignore the “little” items.  If you ignore them, eventually they will pile up into a “big” item.  However, do not let these littles overwhelm you or consume your energy.  This will require some prioritization.  It also helps if you have a trusted friend or coworker which you can share information with and receive feedback to help you keep littles as littles and identify the bigs.

One of the measurements that I try to use on a regular basis is to view the situations and tasks in regards to the human quotient.  By this, I mean that I consider how the item which I am dealing with impacts my well-being and/or the well-being of others.  I view the impact on relationships.  I view the impact on livelihood.  I view the impact on the health and mental status.  When I remember to use this measurement, it is very beneficially in identifying littles and bigs.

The other measurement I try to use was handed down to me by my grandfather.  He was often quoted as saying, “A hundred years from now, who will give a (care)?”  He actually used a different word at the end but I edited for the purpose of this post.  Again, I think that this question helps me to keep perspective.

So I challenge each of you to expend your energy on the bigs of life and deal with the littles when you have time and energy left over.


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