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sea-and-sky-reflectionDuring my devotional time today, I was given the opportunity to think about the need to take time to reflect.  This is not something many of us do very often.  In a world that is always on the go and in our sense that we need to always be on the move, we do not create times that allow us to reflect on life and on our blessings.  We just celebrated Thanksgiving a few weeks ago and I would venture a guess that even on a day when we are to recall our blessings, many of us were so busy either preparing food, traveling, or engaged in family activities that we had no reflection time or limited at best.

There is great value in taking time to reflect on life.  As mentioned above, reflecting allows us to take inventory of all the great gifts and opportunities we have been given.  As a believer, I attribute these gifts and opportunities to the Lord.  However, in a world which has a growing sense of entitlement, we often take these gifts and opportunities for granted.  We seldom even take notice of what we have received.  We just keep hoping for more.

Reflection time can also help us to gain perspective in our lives.  If we have the opportunity to contemplate and review, we are able to realize where we have come from, where we are, and help shape where we may wish to go.  This can help us to prioritize.

Periods of reflection can also give us opportunity to hear voices that may be overpowered by the noise of a busy life.  I place a lot of importance on listening for the Lord and then following what the Lord shares with me.  However, I cannot listen and hear if I do not spend time in reflection.

I am not one to sit idle.  Some would tell you that I am not one that is silent very often.  However, today I am reminded of the importance of times of reflection.  I hope that you also receive that reminder.  Let us commit to making times for reflection in our lives.  Who knows what we may hear and/or discover.


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  1. Thanks for the reminder.

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