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Well, I am back from my vacation.  I always enjoy taking the time between Christmas and New Years as vacation.  I get to truly enjoy the holidays and since life is usually a little quieter during that time, I am able to truly relax.  This year I even made a more deliberate attempt to avoid looking at my work email or engaging in any activity regarding work.  I experienced a truly relaxing and reinvigorating vacation.

Now it is time to engage in some of my regular routines (including blog posts).  It is also time to clean out the old aspects of last year and move into the new adventures of this year.  I can say that I have had success at home cleaning out some old papers so I have already begun the process.

This week I want to spend a little time determining some new projects and focus areas for myself.  I hope to do a little mapping out of the year so I can identify key dates and anticipated goals/deadlines.  Each new year provides an opportunity to chart new and different courses in our lives.

So stay tuned as I explore a little this week and probably into the following week.  Share with me some of your new year plans and activities.  Tell me about the rituals and adjustments you tend to make when a new year rolls around.  I look forward to reading your comments.


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  1. I find that I have been in a clearing the deck mode lately, sorting through old emails, filing away last year’s sermons, emptying the draw filled with items I didn’t take action on right away. It does strangely lighten the load, the clearing away. It makes room to address new tasks, both in the office and in my head!

  2. Welcome back! I have started cleaning out things at home some, but really need to do it here at the office. I would appreciate any help that you all can provide at keeping me moving in that direction. If I start now, maybe the “big move” won’t be so painful! Thanks for the inspiration – from both you and from Ken, too. He got his comment in first, so I’m taking his to heart, too. With the two of you keeping after me – and anyone else is welcome to participate, too…I need all the help I can get!

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