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I have never truly understood people who are willing to settle.  There are people who are content with just obtaining the minimums of life.  Now before anyone of you decide to lecture me on contentment, I agree that there is value to finding contentment in what we have, however, I do not see that as a reason to consistently reach from something higher.

I am the type of person who feels that I need to always be setting my focus on something higher than where I am and what I have.  I can be grateful for what I have achieved in life.  I can be grateful for all that I have been given.  However, I believe that what I have achieved and what I have been given should be used to assist me in obtaining new goals and new achievements which will benefit me but should also benefit others that have been placed in my life.

For me, part of the adventure of life and what creates a drive in my life is the ongoing strive for a higher goal.  This is true for all aspects of my life.  Whether I am looking at my professional life, my community life, my personal life, my faith, or my relationships, I want to always strive to be better in those areas.  This requires me to continue learning, to listen to others, to commit time and energy, and to do self-evaluation.  I believe that the Lord always has something more that I need to work toward.  I also believe that the Lord will provide what I need to move higher in the areas that will benefit others and myself.

So for my life, my motto is:  Keep reaching higher, there is something more which you are called to do.


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