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Dad at ChristmasI have had some time to reflect on life over the past week.  With the death of my dad, I spent time looking back on his past and my own.  I also had opportunity to see the lives which he touched.  Preparing a video presentation for his service and an obituary, I was able to connect with parts of his life which I did not know or had forgotten.  All of this allowed me, and others, to take time to celebrate the life which my dad lived.

As I reflect upon my own life, I am amazed how much I have gone through and all the changes which have occurred in my life.  I am sure that all of us can say that we are not the same person we were 30 years ago, 20 years ago, maybe even 10 years ago.  Overall, this changes and adaptations are good and part of the growing process.  Yes, there are parts which we regret or wish had not occurred, but the truth is that even in those parts, there is something positive that has resulted.  I am glad that I am not the same person that I used to be.  The way I look at life and respond to life is better as a whole.  The joys far outweigh the sadness.  The opportunities seem greater instead of limited.  The hopes and dreams change but are not gone.

I am grateful for my dad.  He was not perfect but he taught me how to live even though I am imperfect.  He had a quiet approach to life which is generally opposite from mine.  He observed more than he ever told anyone about.  When he spoke, he was listened to because he did not speak a lot.  He was humble and was satisfied with a humble living.  I can continue to learn from him.  I will try to use his life as a guide for my life even though I am not the same man as he.

Thank you Dad!  I love you and will always love you!  Thank you for the lessons that you taught me and the many lessons I will still learn as I remember you far into the future.


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  1. As I said at my father’s funeral, he was not a perfect day. But, that is OK because I was not a perfect son.

  2. Thanks for sharing about your dad. He did great job of influencing you & raising you. I’m glad he did. You’re all right in spite of what people say. 😀

  3. Beautiful sentiments. Reminded me of my dad who passed 19 years ago.

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