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During my morning devotions today, I explored the question of how I can be blind to Christ?  The discovery that occurred was that the most frequent way to be blind to Christ is by being inward focus.  I know that this is a problem which I have from time to time (probably more frequently than I care to admit).  I would venture a guess that others struggle with this problem.  I would say without any uncertainty that this problem prevails in the Church.

There are many reasons which lead to an inward focus.  Besides the obvious view that “if I don’t look out for myself, no one else will,” there is the reality of greed and self-centeredness.  I find it very easy to isolate myself as a mode of survival.  My view of the world and others becomes very narrow.  I exist in a small area of awareness with me in the middle.  Anyone or anything that attempts to invade that space or to pull me out of that space meets violent resistance. I might lob an attempt of a kind gesture out of my box of existence but that is more to make me feel good about myself than it is about making someone else a little better.

Whenever I behave in a manner of inward focus, I cannot be looking at Christ.  I am blind to Christ because it becomes all about me.  Christ set an example of an outward focus.  He often sacrificed his own physical health to meet the demands of the people around him.  He called upon his disciples to follow this example and to see beyond themselves.  Christ continues to call us to do the same in many different circumstances and many different ways.

How are you looking beyond yourself?  You will be surprised when you do so, you will see Christ.


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  1. Unfortunately, this would be my testimony more times than I choose to admit. How do you get out of the box?

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