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Image provided by forgivenesshandbook.com

Image provided by forgivenesshandbook.com

You may have noticed that I did not post anything last week.  That is because I was a retreat center in the middle of Texas without consistent internet or cell phone signal.  It is also because I was on a retreat which encouraged the participants to disconnect as much as possible.  The retreat was designed to help each of us look at four significant areas of our lives – physical health, spiritual health, financial health, and vocational health.  I must admit that I went to the retreat very apprehensive and very reluctant.  However, now that I am on this side of the retreat, I am extremely thankful that I attended.

Throughout the week, we had the opportunity to listen to faculty speak about the different areas of our life.  They provided insights and gave us opportunity to ask questions of ourselves.  We also met with a small group of fellow participants on a regular basis.  These meetings allowed us to share what we were discovering and discuss pieces of a plan that we were creating for the future steps we would take to improve ourselves in the four areas.  We learned a lot about each other’s current situation and aspects of each other’s lives.  We also had some personal time for contemplation and relaxation.

The week opened my eyes to the possibilities of new direction in my life.  I was able to create a plan that would help me be a better steward of the gifts which the Lord has provided me – my body, my finances, and my talents/skills.  I have already begun work on the physical and mental improvements which my plan included.  I am adjusting my eating and exercise habits.  My goal is to reduce my weight and to eat foods which are healthier for me.

As I came back to work today, I had a sense of new direction in my life.  I am sure that I will be sharing in this blog about my progress and new discoveries along my path.


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