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I recently had a discussion with some fellow believers about the importance of being where there are opportunities to encounter people.  I have come to realize how easily it is for us to become “office” people.  Some of our jobs require us to spend a large portion of our day in an office.  If we have the type of office which isolates us from others, we can take on an almost hermit way of spending our day.  Yet, when we become holed up in our offices, we are not able to engage with people except online.

I think that this is a disconnect from what was intended for us as people.  We are social creatures.  We are created to interact with other people (even introverts, although in a more measured manner).  This interaction between people allows for a variety of needs which we all have.  It allows for us to pass information, social norms, and values between one another.  It allows for us to have our perspectives challenged so that we may continue to grow.  It allows for the sense of something larger than ourselves to become manifested in our interactions and conversations.  This helps us to be healthy.

As a believer, encounters with others is vital in our faith growth.  As we encounter others with various beliefs, we are called to examine our understandings.  We are given the opportunity to have dialogue and learn from others.  We are also given the opportunity to communicate our beliefs not with words but with our interactions.  The manner in which we live and interact with one another should tell them what we believe more so than even our well thought out words.

I challenge myself, and each of you, to get out in the traffic flow more often.  Engage with people.  We all will be better for it.



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