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Image provided by examiner.com

Image provided by examiner.com

I have some pictures hanging in my office which have been in place for over five years.  Most days I barely look at them any more.  However, today, I happened to take time to look at three of them pretty intently.  I spent time looking over each part of the pictures.  What I found truly amazing is that I discovered details in each of the paintings that I had not recalled.  These details enhanced my enjoyment of the paintings.

This discovery for me this morning made me pause and consider how often I overlook details in other aspects of my day.  How many times do I just glance at an item which I pass by on a daily basis?  How little time do I take to really look at those items?  How many times do I do this with individuals?

All these questions has prompted me to commit myself this week to noticing the details in the ordinary aspects of my life.  I need to take a little extra time to engage with some of the items and some of the people that I have come to take for granted.  I need to really look at the ordinary of my life so that I might come to notice details which will enhance my enjoyment.

How about you?  When you look at those things which are “always there,” what do you see?  Do you even notice them any more?  Maybe you want to dedicate this week to looking at the ordinary in a different way.  I am guessing that we all my discover hidden details which we have often overlooked.


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