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Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend.  We had not seen each other for quite a while so he was updating me on the activities in his life.  During our conversation, he asked me if I thought there ever came a time when a person needed to stop dreaming.  He was not referring to what occurs while we sleep but future hopes and aspirations.  I indicated that I did not think there was ever a time to quit dreaming.

Dreams are a rather complex aspect of our lives.  When we take inventory of our life, we can identify dreams that we had when we were younger which never materialized.  Because of the perceived times of failure, we can often adopt an attitude which states dreams are a waste of time.  However, I would have to disagree with that attitude.  I think that even if a dream does not materialize as we had hoped, the dream has driven us to move forward toward the fulfillment of the dream.  If we had not dreamed, we may never have taken the steps which we did that allowed us to be where we are now.

Dreams are based on the belief that there is always something more for us to do in life.  Dreams allow us to believe that we can continue to evolve into the person we aspire to be.  Dreams motivate us to take risk and to reach higher.  Without dreams, we just navigate through life going through motions but having little to no drive.

So my friend and I came to the conclusion that a person should always have a dream.  What is your dream today?


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