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Image provided by thevortex.me

Image provided by thevortex.me

I am not sure if this is a fairly recent phenomenon or if it can be traced back through the centuries but one disturbing reality which I encounter on a regular basis is a lack of individuals taking ownership for their actions.  I find people frequently looking for someone to blame for situations in their lives but failing to look at how they may have been party to what has occurred.  How is it that we seem to have become a society that lives by the words, “It’s not my fault!”?

There are definitely situations in which an individual or group of individuals have done nothing to create or cause.  Life is full of accidents, mistakes, and misunderstandings.  However, I find that too many people want to place blame without ever doing a little self-examination.  Each one of us has the capacity to do beneficial and meaningful actions.  Each one of us has the capacity to inflict hardship and pain on others.  Each one of us has the capacity to make mistakes.  When we do make a mistake or cause difficulty in another person’s life, we need to admit to it and try to rectify the situation as we are capable.

I find it much easier to be understanding and forgive if someone is willing to admit her/his mistake.  Many times the person did what seemed right at that time.  There are times when we all are in the midst of a stressful situation and we say something which we regret.  Each of has times when we forget or fail to follow through.  Everyone has moments when they error.  The key for me is what we do when those situations arise.  Does the person take ownership or does the person come up with excuses and seek someone else to blame?



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  1. Great post, Jim.

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