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Some people see life as an endless series of challenges, disappointments, and burdens.  Individuals who view life in this manner often struggle through each day just hoping to survive.  They tend to have a pessimistic view of matters.  They often are the ones full of complaints and struggle to find something positive to share.

Other people view life as an adventure.  For these individuals, each day is filled with unknown opportunity.  They see challenges as a way to grow and learn.  They view disappointments as a way to build perseverance.  They experience burdens as a means to a better end.  These individuals often are optimistic about life.  They find the positive in situations which can appear very negative.  The twists and turns of life energize them and they anticipate the surprises which lie ahead with an eagerness.

I strive to view life as an adventure.  One of the self-discoveries which I have had in recent years is that I yearn for adventure.  I am energized by new experiences and new discoveries.  I enjoy challenges and view them as opportunities to conquer and move ahead.  Now, I would have to admit that when I am feeling overwhelmed or tired, I can easily slip into the other viewpoint.  So it is important for me to make sure that I have times of retreat and recharge.  However, overall I would have to admit that I love the adventure which comprises my life.

Which viewpoint do you choose?  How do you approach life?  I hope that you can find the great joy of the adventure.


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  1. The more one views roadblocks (yesterday, literally a roadblock) as an invitation to learning and adventure or even just whimsy, the easier the habit becomes.

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