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Last week we experienced a large amount of rainfall.  I can recall many summers when we complained about too little rain.  But currently, we are experiencing quite a few rainy days and in many places there is just too much rain.  As pools of water stand in fields and rivers leave their banks, we all begin to pray that the rain will stop for a little while.

The rain situation has caused me this morning to think about those times when there is too much of even a good thing.  We all know that rain is vital for creation.  When we have a lack of rain, plants shrivel up, the land begins to crack, and many aspects of life around us become dormant.  All you have to do is look at California to clearly understand the necessity for rain.  However, as good as rain is, too much of it can have an equally damaging effect on creation.  Fields are washed out, basements flood, and even moving from one place to another becomes a challenge.  Too much of anything is problematic as too little.

I observe that there is a delicate balance which exists in life.  When we are living within this balance, life is wonderful.  When we move either direction from this balance point, life can become a struggle.  This is evident in watching children.  Too much parental control can be as problematic as no parental control.  Too much sleep impacts attitude and behaviors equally as too little sleep.  Too much food can have negative health impacts as too little food.

So the challenge for us is to find that balance whenever possible.  Someone said that moderation is the key.  I believe that this applies to all aspects of our lives.


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