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I think that one of the most difficult things for most of us is truly listening.  I am a person that moves through the day mainly in the order of a task list.  I frequently look at, revise, and add to my task list.  I prioritize those tasks and only feel a sense of accomplishment if I can end the day with all items checked off my task list.  Since my task list drives me, I have very little “down time” in my life.  What unassigned times I do encounter, I fill with usually mindless activity.  The problem with this is that it does not provide time for me to listen.

As a believer, I declare that I have chosen to let the Spirit of God guide my life.  In fact, during my prayer time and during my devotional time each day, I ask the Lord to guide me by the Spirit.  So I make this request at least two times every day.  However, I do not make room for the Spirit.  I do not take time outside those brief, assigned times to listen for the Spirit’s guidance.  I treat my prayer and devotional time as one more task on my list for the day and when I have completed those items, I move on.

However, the Lord tends to occasionally break into my day and cause me to listen even when I do not have time scheduled.  This happened to me this morning.  I was going along with my daily routine and all of a sudden, God showed up.  The Spirit spoke to me at a time when I did not expect it.  It was absolutely wonderful!  The message which the Lord had for me today was very timely and much-needed.

This breaking in on my day set me back on my heels.  It reminded me about what amazing things the Lord had to say to me if I just would listen. It reminded me of a commitment which I made in March of this year to do a better job of spending time to just listen to the Lord.  It reminded me of the great value found in listening.

So today, I recommit myself to that which I said in March….. I WILL take time to listen.  I WILL place listening for the Spirit on my list of items which I need to accomplish.

Will you make a similar commitment?  You may be surprised what you discover.


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