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Image provided by juiceboxinteractive.com

Image provided by juiceboxinteractive.com

This week I will be making my annual trek to the Iowa State Fair.  It is always a wonderful ten days of enjoying the hard work of many individuals.  Staying in the campground has also given me the opportunity to form relationships with individuals who I camp near and see every day.  My volunteer time at the Fair has also created some great relationships with those whom I work with sometimes every day and in other times a few days each year.  So this week is a kind of homecoming for me.

I have come to understand the importance of taking pauses in life.  These pauses allow me to experience things outside my normal routine and normal environment.  My schedule is different.  My focus is different.  My sleeping arrangements are different.  During these pauses I am able to refocus.  I am able to get a different perspective.

So, my blog posts will probably be a bit more erratic and briefer.  I will try to share significant aspects and experiences which I have during the Fair.  Keep checking in, you will not know what I may discover and share.  Afterall, it is the Iowa State Fair, the greatest state fair in the world!

Image provided by americandreamtours.biz

Image provided by americandreamtours.biz


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