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One of the first musicals which I remember seeing was a high school production of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s “Carousel”.  I was in junior high school and was asked to assist with operating the sound system for the musical.  I attended many technical rehearsals and naturally all of the performances.  It was a terrific experience.  One of the songs which stood out to me from the musical was “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”  I realize it is not Friday so it technically is not my traditional music video posting day but this song is playing over and over in my head this morning.

I think that one of the reasons that the song has such meaning for me is based on what I strongly believe.  I believe that no matter what life offers or whatever path I may find myself upon, I know that I do not take those steps alone.  I believe that I have the Lord walking beside me.  There are times when I fail to remember this important truth.  There are times when I say that I am all alone.  However, in the depth of my being, I realize that I am not alone.  During those times I have just not turned to the one walking beside me.  I have not allowed the Lord to carry me.

So today, I share with you this music video as a reminder that no matter what, you are never alone.


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