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First of all, let me apologize for what many view as poor grammar when using the word “Ain’t” in the title of this post.  However, I think you will understand why I made that choice as you continue to read this.

Many years ago when I was around the age of eleven or twelve, I visited Boys Town in Omaha, NE with my family.  I have many memories of that visit but one in particular came to my mind as I prepared to write this morning.  The memory is of a statue that stood on the grounds of the Boys Town complex.  It is a statue of an older boy carrying a younger boy on his back.  This statue was also prominent in a movie entitled, Boys Town, which was released in 1938 and featured famous actors Spencer Tracey and Mickey Rooney.  The story is an account of the early beginnings of Boys Town which was started by Father Edward J. Flanagan.  The goal of Father Flanagan was to provide a place for young boys to go when there were family issues or they were dealing with behavioral issues.  The reason for the statue was to communicate the idea that someone would always be there to help you when you were struggling; that you would have someone to carry you through difficult times.  In 1969, a song was released and was made famous by The Hollies which also communicates these philosophy entitled, He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother.

The idea that we all need to have help at times is one that I believe can be forgotten.  We all have need for support at one time or another.  As much as we would like to think that we can forge through difficulties alone, we really cannot.  There is not a person alive who has not had a struggle in life.  While our experiences are unique to ourselves, we can find similarities with one another.  Even if we miss our similarities, we can still be present with one another.  Sometimes just having the knowledge that someone is present with you can be the key to giving you a bit more strength to go through a day.

I have always been very fortunate to have individuals who support me.  Sometimes that support comes from family.  Sometimes that support is found in friends.  Sometimes that support comes from the most unexpected individuals whom I may barely know.  The reality is that there has always been individuals who have given to me their support even if they do not understand the details of my experience.  This is one of the greatest gifts a person can ever receive.  My struggle is not always being wise enough to reach out to others who would like to offer me that support.  When I have had the wisdom to reach out, I find that I never come back empty-handed but usually with overflowing support and love.

So my message today is two-fold.  First, if you are having a difficult time in your life, remember to reach out to others for support.  Second, always seek the opportunity to offer the support and love someone might be needing today.  You may be surprised what a huge difference it can make!

Now I share with you the song which I mentioned earlier and ask you to truly think about the words today and in the future.


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  1. Really strong.

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