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Have you ever had a what appears to be a very daunting project?  This project seems so massive that you do not think you will ever get it finished or truly get a handle on it.  When faced with this type of project, you can easily become so overwhelmed that you question where to even begin.  But the old saying seems to hold true…. take small bites and one bite at a time.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been faced with some pretty daunting projects.  However, thanks to the advice of a great friend, I did not let it overwhelm me.  I did what I could each day and ended the day feeling some sense of accomplishment.  The project is about eighty percent complete now and I am pleased.

So today, I remind you to take small bites on those big projects.  By giving yourself some time, you will find success and completion of the project will become a true reality.


Posted September 18, 2015 by thoughtfulbeliever in Experiences, Life

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  1. I am so easily overwhelmed, it isn’t funny. Doing small bits on things is the only thing that gets me to work on it. I still have tons and tons of photos I need to go through, some from several years ago. Just a little every day. The other day at work, I had two things I wanted to get done. And because it was only two, and not a whole list, I got them done.

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