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Image provided by www.dailygalaxy.com

Image provided by http://www.dailygalaxy.com

This morning as I was working away on my to-do list, the electricity unexpectedly went out.  Well, that is not actually true.  There was a loud bang and then the electricity was gone.  I investigated the loud bang and determined that everything around the house and neighborhood appeared fine.  However, since it was light out, I did not realize that there was no electricity until I discovered that I did not have an internet connection.  This discovery led me to where the router is located and that is when I became aware that there was not electricity.  Since my father was an electrician, I deduced that a transformer had probably blown and that was the reason for the loud bang followed by no electricity.

These events have caused me to consider how we often take things and individuals for granted until they are no longer there.  When I realized I had no electricity and therefore, no internet, I realized how I could not do certain items on my to-do list quite as easily.  Since I have a smart phone, I was able to do some of the items which I would normally do on the computer with that.  However, the tasks were a bit more difficult to complete, and some could not be done at all.  I mused to myself how I take electricity and the internet for granted.

I think the same can be said about individuals in our lives.  We all assume that family members are always going to be there.  We may put off placing phone calls or going to see someone because we are just too busy.  It is only after the person is no longer with us or a great distance has been placed between us that we realize how we have taken the person for granted.  Whether it is seeking advice, wanting to hear their voice, or just wanting to spend time with them, when that is not possible, we realize what we have lost.

So today, I remind all of my readers to be very careful about what you take for granted.  The loss of electricity was a short but annoying inconvenience; there are more impactful people and items which we do not realize their value until they are gone.


Posted October 5, 2015 by thoughtfulbeliever in Experiences, Life

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