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One of the things that I think is lacking in our world is the acknowledgement of good.  Occasionally, someone will share a story of the good actions of someone or a group.  However, most people seem inclined to spend their time identifying the bad in people, groups, and situations.  Many individuals go to great lengths to find something bad but will not expend the same level of energy trying to find something good.  This may not be new to norms of society but recently I have felt overwhelmed by the amount of negative energy being spent pointing out the bad in people and situations.

As I have tried to understand this trend in myself and others, I can identify a lot of reasons which this may be true.  I think that in part this trend is due to a perceived need to raise one’s self above others.  I also think that it appears a lot easier to identify the bad than it does the good.  Some of this trend may be due in part to the easiness which we have in finding fault in ourselves which I addressed a little in my post from earlier this week, Accepting Yourself.

Whatever the reasons, I would like to challenge myself and you to fight this trend.  I would like each of us to try for twenty-four hours to name as many good aspects of people and events as possible.  Then stretch that attempt to three days.  Then take it one more step to one week.  How might this change our perspective on life?  How might this change our attitude toward others?  How might this change our mood?

Let me know what you discover.  Please stay posted to see what I discover.  I will share my discoveries in this blog.

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  1. You’re on. But really, I try to do that every day. John.

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