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Nineteen years ago this morning, I was in a hospital welcoming my second son into this world.  Saying that it was a pretty eventful day is putting it mildly.  He had decided to come much earlier than he was supposed to, in fact almost two months earlier, and he was very tiny.  The medical staff had done a great job of holding him off for about a week but he was determined to arrive anyway.  There was a medical issue which prompted his early arrival.

I remember the previous night and the early morning very well.  My son’s arrival began late on the previous night.  Throughout the night things would progress and then seem to slow down.  Early in the morning however, the decision to move things along was made and we were prepared to go into a birthing room.  I donned some hospital scrubs, boots, and cap while we made the transition.  Then in a few short minutes after arriving in the room, my son was born.  I was able to see him briefly before he was taken to be prepped for a necessary surgery.

Well, here we are some nineteen years later.  After two months in the hospital, an emergency trip back to the hospital, and multiple surgeries, he survived it all.  For the last nineteen years, he has grown, had more surgeries for different reasons, had a broken bone, and done all the normal things a young man does as he grows up.  He currently is in his first year at college and learning both inside and out of the classroom more than I could ever have imagined.

I celebrate this day because while the beginning was scary and very tumultuous, the young man who I call my son continues to make me proud.  While he was young I had a nickname for him, my M & M, my Miracle Michael.  I have been blessed with two tremendous sons who I praise God for every day.  So I celebrate his birthday filled with so many reasons to celebrate!


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