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Writing in the Guest Book

Writing in the Guest Book (Photo credit: smithmikeg)

Please sign in if this is your first visit to my blog.  Name and city would be great!  Thanks!

Posted July 13, 2011 by thoughtfulbeliever

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  1. Vision is an important concept for me. I collect kaleidoscopes and thought of them metaphorically for several years. An important part of the scope is the object case. Objects are placed in the case that are reflected by the mirrors to produce the color and designs we so enjoy. One of the first things I discovered is that many very common objects which by themselves are not particularly interesting nor do they seem to have much potential. They may not even be very colorful . But they become essential, valuable contributors to the whole vision and the more variety in the objects, the more lovely the visions become. Of course the scope needs to be properly oriented to the light source. Without light there is no vision. The closer to the light source and the brighter the light, the better the vision becomes. Of course an object case can become over filled and the objects contained in it do not have the necessary freedom to move, to relate to one another in a multitude of ways and be all they can be. (in life these are things like bylaws, excessive direction or rules in addition to the problems created by simply being too large a group. And the images are always changing, always evolving. You can never go back to a beautiful image from the past. Memories are all we have and they are lovely, but more beauty lie ahead especially if some of the objects in the case are changed from time to time. I know kaleidoscope are not life, but I am convinced that thy have valuable to lesson for consideration. Just saying….

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