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Well, it is time for me to get back on track.  The move is completed, many of the boxes are unpacked, and I am starting to develop a new daily routine.  So it is time for me to get back to writing on a regular basis.  For those who have missed my blog posts, you will be glad to see my return.  For those who have not realized that it has been over two weeks since I posted, hopefully you will become more regular in reading my posts.  For those who read but do not comment, I hope that you start commenting because my goal is to create a dialogue on here.

What a roller coaster ride the last few weeks and months have been.  Some of you know that I have gone through (and continue to go through) significant life changes.  There have been some very positive moments, some very challenging moments, and some very confusing moments.  I have received support through these changes and am very grateful for all those who have given words of encouragement, hugs, and on-going support.  I have also received negative comments and had to deal with rumors and lies.  Throughout all of this however is the reality that I continue to move forward day-to-day and my faith provides a undergirding that carries me throughout.

Whenever a person experiences significant changes in their lives, the person is faced with a few choices of how to manage those changes.  One choice is to feel defeated and retreat within themselves, a giving up on life.  Another choice is to recognize the sources of support that are available and use that support to make it through each positive and negative change.  Still another choice is to ignore the true impacts of change so that you can fake your way through each day.  As I mentioned before, I have the honor of having a strong support system.  So the choice that I have made during this time of transition is to recognize the sources of support available to me and use that support to handle the impacts of change.

Changes may appear to be drastic and sudden.  However, change is something which is ongoing and the seeds of change are planted long before the actual change takes place.  When we witness change in someone’s life, we can often wrongly assume that it was drastic and sudden.  In reality, outside of catastrophic events, most change has been an ongoing process.  People respond to change in other people’s lives in very differing ways.  Each of us have to determine what to share with others and when to share it when change is occurring in our own lives.  What I have found is that unfortunately other people can sometimes want to know all the details of change in a another person’s life and when they do not receive those details, they create their own theories which they can believe to be the truth.  When this occurs, rumors, false statements, and judgment soon follow.  This can be very hurtful and often times very inaccurate.  So my suggestion to all who read this blog is to realize that individuals make decisions regarding what to share and to whom to share information about their own lives with others.  Respect those decisions.  Do not spend time guessing at or creating your own rationales for changes in other individuals’ lives.  Even if you do choose to create scenarios or rationales for change, keep those to yourself.  This is how we respect one another.

So, a rather long first post after a hiatus.  What I want to communicate the most to you today is that I am grateful for the support and love that has been expressed to me through my transition.  I want to thank the Lord for always being there and helping me to face each day not with a sense of defeat but a sense of acceptance for what the day may hold.  I want to remind us all that respecting one another and supporting one another even when we do not know the details is paramount and I believe honors the second greatest commandment that the Lord has given to us, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”


Is Anybody Out There?   6 comments

One of the most difficult things to do is to write, speak, or perform without a clear sense that there is an audience.  Feedback has a huge influence upon a person’s abilities.  There are positive and negative forms of feedback.  However, no feedback is much worse than even negative feedback.  A writer, speaker, or performer has a desire that the message they are trying to communicate is being received by at least someone.  Feedback gives reason for the person to continue in the communication.

As a writer of this blog, I have the advantage of a tool that allows me to see when my blog posts are viewed and by how many viewers.  Each day before I begin to write my post, I look at those statistics.  This is a great tool but it still lacks the level of feedback that I would enjoy so much.  I intended that this blog be a way to engage in conversation.  There are a few posts which have elicited some comments but those are fairly infrequent.  I interpret that as either meaning I am not provided content that others wish to engage with or that not many people are actively reading my posts.

As a speaker, I have the same need to have feedback.  I need to know that I am effectively communicating a message.  I hope that what I am speaking about would be a catalyst for discussion.  Feedback and engagement would indicate that someone is actually listening and I am communicating on a level that makes sense.  Only through feedback am I able to make adjustments if my communication is missing the mark.

Every writer, speaker, or performer who is desiring to excel in their form of communication, craves feedback.  At performances, the audience provides feedback through applause.  Speakers receive feedback when people either engage in questions or comments during or after the speech.  Writers of blogs seek feedback by comments.

So, I ask you…… is anybody out there?

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Back At It   Leave a comment

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Well, my annual trip to the Fair for 11 days has ended and it is time to refocus on my work.  It is always wonderful to have a time to focus on something completely different and my time at the Fair allows me to do just that.  As a volunteer, I can give of myself and benefit the Fair for others.  Since I work in a merchandise trailer, it takes me back to the days of my retail work and is a completely different set of circumstances than the work I do throughout the rest of the year.  The time away also provides for me to have a new outlook on the work that I do in my employed position.  So I see that three areas of my life experience value when I am at the Fair; the State Fair and its patrons, the job which I do on a daily basis when the Fair is not taking place, and my own spirit.

Now, it is time to get back to my duties as a leader and the daily responsibilities.  I find that I have new energy.  I know that I have a new perspective.  I think I also have some adjusted priorities.  Getting back into routines also provides a sense of normalcy which can be comforting in a strange way.  I have already begun to do some catch up which always is necessary after being gone for a period of time.  By the end of the day, I will have a much clearer perspective of the tasks which I need to accomplish in the days ahead.  But even those tasks will occur in a little different manner because of my ability to take a fresher look at each of them.

So my blog is back and I hope that you read it regularly and share it with others.  Let me know if you have any topics you would like me to explore here.

Crazy June   1 comment

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I know that I have not been faithful in posting to my blog this month.  I have had a crazy month with travel almost every week.  Today is a catch up day in the office.  So I will make the commitment to get back to a regular posting schedule.  Please continue to watch and return to being faithful readers as you have in the past.

Also, I would really appreciate comments from each and every one of you.  This helps me know who is reading my blog and allows for my interactive dialogue.

I hope that all of you are having a meaningful summer!

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Christmas Eve and Vacation   Leave a comment

a very merry christmas

a very merry christmas (Photo credit: SaltGeorge)

Today is Christmas Eve.  You can definitely tell that by how quiet things are around town.  Some of the businesses are not even open today so that their employees can have the day for travel or final Christmas shopping.  That cannot be said about the malls and large retailers however.  There is a definite busyness around them as people rush in for last-minute items.  The grocery stores are the same way.

Of course, this is a day that I focus on the reason for all of the celebrations.  Tonight we will have a beautiful worship service to remember that on a night many years ago, a young boy came into this world.  This boy was typical in many ways.  He cried, he slept a lot, and he responded to the touch of his loving mother.  He would grow up to be pretty normal in his activities and how he would spend his time.  However, he was also significantly different.  This child born so many years ago would change the course of human history forever and would change the way humans understood God and one another.  This boy, Jesus, would become a man who would teach with authority and newness.  He would reverse the norms of the have’s and have-nots’.  He would change the focus from condemnation and judgment to forgiveness and grace.  He would place love as the primary focus of what it meant to be God’s children.

The work is definitely not complete.  While the birth of the boy would begin a change, the change has not occurred in all the hearts of humanity.  So each of us continues to allow the Spirit to change our hearts.  Each of us are given the opportunity to share the message of the boy whose birth we celebrate.  Each of us are given the opportunity to live the life that he spoke of and provided by example.

Speaking of work, there will be a break in blog posts as I am going on vacation after today.  I eagerly anticipate the opportunity regenerate and to refocus.  My blog posts will begin again on January 7.

Let me close by wishing all of you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and the hope for you to have blessed New Year!


Proper Priorities   Leave a comment

Calgón... Llévame

Calgón… Llévame (Photo credit: Daquella manera)

I’m back!  Sorry that I did not post last week but some family needs required my time and effort last week.  I made the decision to focus on those needs and the urgent needs of work.  This meant something had to take a back seat and I chose to let my blog posts take that back seat.  This was not due to my perception that my regular posts are not of value but instead a decision that some aspects of life had a higher priority last week.

This has led me to think about the difficulty some of us have in setting priorities.  We can all agree that there is never enough time or energy to meet all the demands we have in life.  Leaders know this reality all too well.  In fact, most of us would agree that there are times when these demands overwhelm us.  We all want to scream the phrase that was made popular in a television advertisement many years ago, “Calgon, take me away!”  So setting priorities is a must for almost every individuals, whether you are a leader or not.

It has been said that you can determine what is important in a person’s life by knowing how she/he spends her/his resources of time and money.  It is true that there is never going to be “enough” in most of our views but it is also true that there is definitely “enough” for what we find to be important.  So how we choose our priorities should be based upon what we find important in our lives.

I think that one of the issues that we have in society is that people have not been taught the value of setting priorities.  There are so many options in the world and so many opportunities.  Some individuals try to do it all.  The truth is that we are not able to do it all.  So we have to determine what our priorities for this time in our lives are going to be.  We have to keep those priorities always at the forefront of our minds.  They should guide us continually.  This way when we are overwhelmed with demands and opportunities, we are able to make appropriate decisions.  One of my mentors continually encourage me to make sure that I am including in my priorities those things which give me energy.  The reason is that there may be items in our priority list that are necessary but do not give us energy.  If all of our priorities are in that category, we will not have the energy to accomplish any of them.

So, I again apologize for not posting last week.  However, I do not apologize for setting what I view as proper priorities for my life at this time.

Refreshing Change   Leave a comment

This morning, I awoke to temperatures in the 50’s.  It was a great change from awaking to temperatures in the 70’s in the early part of the morning before sunrise.  During my walk with my dog, I actually had to wear long pants and a sweatshirt but I did not complain.  It was also very nice for the both of us to return to the house without being sweaty.

This change in weather (much more like autumn) had me thinking about refreshing changes in life.  There are always times in life when a change is desperately sought and needed.  Some times it can be a change in location.  Other times it might be a change in employment.  Still other times it might just be a change to some routine or scheduling.  It always is refreshing when these needed changes come our way, just like the weather change I experienced this morning.

With that being said, I will be experiencing a short and refreshing change in location next week.  I will be attending a conference where I hope to explore changing concepts in the organization with which I work.  I will also be in a different part of the country with much different scenery and activities.  So my desire is that these experiences will be a refreshing change for me and re-energize my work.  I will probably not be posting any blog posts next week but who knows.

If you are seeking a refreshing change, I hope it comes soon.  I am sure when I return, I will have plenty to share about my refreshing change.

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