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Snow   Leave a comment

So today is supposed to be the first snow of the season.  I am becoming less enchanted with snow each year.  However, in view of the weather predictions, I thought I would share this music video for Music Video Friday.  Enjoy your day!

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Follow Your Dream   Leave a comment

One of the most important thing to remember in life is to keep moving toward your dreams.  No matter what a person’s age, having faith in yourself and moving toward your dream is important.  I share this song with each of you today.

Thank You   Leave a comment

Sometimes we forget to stop and to say thank you.  Sometimes we forget that what we do impacts others.  So today I want to share an older song that reminds us of both of these things.

Thank you to everyone who has given and touched my life.  Some of you know and some of you have no idea that you made such an impact.  THANK YOU!

We All Need Someone   Leave a comment

This time of year when the leaves are falling from the leaves, I am reminded of a song from my childhood.  I used to listen to this song over and over.  I think I still even have the album on which it was.  So I share this song with you to remind you that we all need someone.  Be that someone for another person today!


Having Friends   Leave a comment

Today I wanted to play tribute to friends.  As I thought about what music video to share, this song came into my mind.  How wonderful and vital are friends!  Enjoy!


Also, have a safe and enjoyable Independence Day celebration and weekend!

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Rain   Leave a comment

I thought after a very soggy week, this would be a great song to share on Music Friday!

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Summertime   Leave a comment

Now that we are having warmer weather (and humidity), it is really starting to feel like summer.  So this song has been going through my head.

Posted June 5, 2015 by thoughtfulbeliever in Music

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