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Autumn tree with seeds.

Autumn tree with seeds.

One of the interesting things about autumn is seeing some trees prepare to drop their seeds.  Outside the window of my home office is a tree that has small berries or seeds on it.  Almost all of the leaves have fallen from the tree but these seeds hang on.  Wrapped by a soft, protective covering, I know there is a seed.  I also know that this seed will at some point fall to the ground just like the leaves of the tree.  When it falls, if it lands on soil that is accepting, the seed will be buried in the soil where it will sit over the upcoming winter.  Then if all the dynamics are correct, this seed will produce life when the warm sun of spring and the rains come.  From this new life will be the potential for a new tree to begin.  This occurs year after year with all forms of plants.  This whole process came into my mind when I looked out my window and saw the tree but it also caused me to think of its reality in human lives.

Much like the trees and plants which we see in creation, we also drop seeds throughout our lives.  Sometimes they are seeds of wisdom.  Sometimes they are seeds of values.  Sometimes they are seeds of behavior.  There are many types of seed but as we go through life and encounter others, we share our seeds with them.  Like the seed from the tree I mentioned, if the soil (the life of another) is accepting of our seed, our seed will bury itself where it may sit for some time only to be warmed and watered into new life within another person’s life.  The seed from the tree must lay somewhat dormant over the winter months and so it may be with the seed we offer to others, a period of dormancy may occur.  However, if all the dynamics are correct, it will produce new life.

This concept is symbolized in two very different ways which come to my mind today.  The first is through a song from long ago entitled The Rose which was made famous by Bette Midler.  The song speaks of a love between people.  One line from the song states, “Just remember in the winter far beneath the bitter snow, Lies the seed that with the sun’s love, in the spring becomes the rose.” The song writer wants to remind us that we can plant seeds of love which may take time before we ever see them blossom.

The other way that I have seen this concept symbolized is in the words of Jesus as he shares a parable regarding faith.  He speaks of different types of soil receiving seeds of faith.  The success of creating a healthy faith is found in what type of soil the seed lands.  You can read what Jesus says in Matthew 13:1-23.

So today I think about the patience of one who sows the seeds of life.  The sower must realize that she or he may never see if the seed takes root but must continue to sow and be patient.  I also think about being receptive to the seed which others may sow in my life.  What kind of soil am I going to be?


We All Need Someone   Leave a comment

This time of year when the leaves are falling from the leaves, I am reminded of a song from my childhood.  I used to listen to this song over and over.  I think I still even have the album on which it was.  So I share this song with you to remind you that we all need someone.  Be that someone for another person today!


Holding On   2 comments

Autumn LeavesI have a tree in my yard that still has most of its leaves.  In fact, it is one of the only trees in the neighborhood which is not bare at this point in autumn.  Today is another very windy day in our area with predicted wind gusts of thirty miles per hour.  As I watched the wind strip the few remaining leaves from many of the trees, I thought about the tree in my yard.  I wondered if this wind on this day would be too strong for the tree to hold on to the many leaves it has.  I wondered if this is the day that the beautiful, red, orange, and yellow leaves will yield to the force of the wind and come flying off.  Or would the tree remain strong in holding on to those leaves and when I returned home tonight the beauty would remain.

These thoughts led me to consider the times in life when we can be battered by strong winds.  There are many that when the winds begin to blow, easily yield to the wind.  Their beauty and part of who they are is torn away and falls around them.  They become bare and dormant in their lives.  There are others who are like the tree in my yard, they bend with the wind but they do not yield parts of who they are to the mighty force of the wind.  They hold on.

Which am I?  Which are you?  I encourage us to strive to hold on when life’s wind blows hard.  Hold on to who we are.  Hold on to those parts of us which result in beauty.  Remain strong in the resolve to not yield to the wind but to retain all that makes us the beautiful creature which the Lord created.

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You can definitely feel it in the air this morning.  With the wind blowing more intensely, the moisture in the air from over twenty-four hours of rain, and the gray skies, you know that the weather is changing to a different season.  It also helps that there are tons of colored leaves that lay scattered upon the ground which have fallen from the trees above.  Autumn is truly upon us and hints of winter are starting to arrive already.

As I thought about these changes in weather and seasons this morning, I pondered the effect of change upon our lives.  I am the first to admit that I dislike the change from spring and summer to fall and winter.  I do not enjoy the colder temperatures and the regularity of cloudy skies that seem to accompany this time of year.  So for me, some changes are less than enjoyable.  When I encounter this type of change, I tend to see an adjustment in my attitude.  I have to work harder to remain positive and to vision into the future.  These are not impossible tasks but I do realize that they take more deliberate effort when my attitude goes in this direction.

Some changes in life are more enjoyable.  I greatly enjoy the arrival of spring and summer.  You can probably easily understand why based upon my earlier comments.  I find myself more upbeat and with an eagerness during those changes.  When you are energized by change, you definitely see possibilities and opportunities.

What all of this says to me is that in regards to change, attitude is very crucial.  I am the one who can impact my attitude the most.  I can have an attitude of resistance and negativity in regards to changes in my life.  Or I can have an attitude of possibilities and positivity as I encounter change.  While I am not going to try to fool any of you into believing that choosing the later attitude is easy when I am not eager for the change, it still is possible.

Life is full of change.  A change is generally always coming.  The question is what to do with that change.

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As I look outside my office window and watch some of the leaves fall (the tree outside my window always changes colors and has leaves fall very early), I am drawn to think about the change of another season.  So here is today’s music video.

Just a note:  This song is based on Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, check it out.

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Today is my last full day in the office before I take my annual trek to the State Fair.  For me, this always signals a shift in life.  This shift has multiple aspects but the reality is that a change is coming.  So as I sit at my desk and before I dig into all the details that I need to have taken care of before I am out of the office for a week and a half, I spend some time contemplating the shift.

First aspect of the shift is in regards to my blog posts and my perspective.  My intentions is to continue to post from my tent at the fair.  Now intentions are good but it is the follow through that matters.  I need to be very honest, I am making no guarantees regarding the frequency of my posting but I will give the effort.  I would like to find something each day at the fair to focus upon and use that as my basis for my blog post.  Time will tell on how successful I will be in this effort.

The second shift is in regard to the pace of life.  This summer has been a pretty relaxed and regenerating pace.  There have not been endless days of activities.  However, when I return from the fair, all of that will have changed.  School and community activities will be back in full swing.  Activity around the office will become faster pace

English: A view of the Grand Concourse at the ...

English: A view of the Grand Concourse at the 2009 Iowa State Fair. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

.  Activities in regards to the church will be at an increase.  I will have more meetings and more activities in my life.

The third shift will be a shift in the season.  For me the State Fair marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall.  Temperatures will begin to change.  I will be attending football games.  The length of daylight will have a noticeable reduction.  The colors of nature will shift from deep greens to reds, yellows, and oranges.

All of this is both exciting and somewhat sad.  I do enjoy the increased outdoor activities of summer.  I enjoy a more laid backed approach to most aspects of life.  But I am also one that thrives on changes and shifts so there is excitement in the air for me.  It is time for a shift.  The shift brings new opportunities while at the same time some of the old familiar returning.  Bring on the shift!

Return To Routines   1 comment

Acro dance partners execute a Lawnmower, one o...

Acro dance partners execute a Lawnmower, one of many types of partnering tricks found in acro dance routines. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know that the calendar says that it is not fall until next month but I am declare it fall on my calendar today.  It has been a crazy summer with me traveling or being away from home most of the summer.  Because of the hectic schedule that I have had, most of my routines have gone out the window.  However, it is time to settle back into the positive routines of my life once again.  School is back in session, travel has discontinued, and the State Fair is over.  So I officially declare today as the first day of my fall routine.

Routines can be positive or negative.  Some routines are negative because they cause us to just walk through our days in a robotic way.    We become pretty passive and complacent and move from one item on our task list to the other.  These types of routines seem to numb us to the world around us and zap the energy out of our lives.  I hope that one of the positive aspects of a hectic, atypical summer is that I am able to break free of the negative routines that I had so easily settled into.

Some routines are positive.  They give us structure to our lives.  They provide opportunities for us to have a touchstone to center ourselves.  Positive routines can generate energy in our lives.  A type of positive routine is exercising most days in a week.  I returned this morning to my normal exercise routine and know that by the end of the week it will have a positive impact on my life.

The key is to remember that even positive routines can have negative effects if we don’t remember a couple of important guidelines:

  1. You must take a break from routines.  (i.e., God’s plan of the Sabbath.  God’s year of jubilee.)
  2. You must be aware of opportunities to experience life outside of the routines.  (i.e., Jesus’ discussion with the Samaritan woman.)
  3. You must not let routines run your life.  (i.e., Jesus’ discussion with the religious leaders regarding the Sabbath.)

So now it is time to continue getting back to the fall routine of my life.