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Last week we experienced a large amount of rainfall.  I can recall many summers when we complained about too little rain.  But currently, we are experiencing quite a few rainy days and in many places there is just too much rain.  As pools of water stand in fields and rivers leave their banks, we all begin to pray that the rain will stop for a little while.

The rain situation has caused me this morning to think about those times when there is too much of even a good thing.  We all know that rain is vital for creation.  When we have a lack of rain, plants shrivel up, the land begins to crack, and many aspects of life around us become dormant.  All you have to do is look at California to clearly understand the necessity for rain.  However, as good as rain is, too much of it can have an equally damaging effect on creation.  Fields are washed out, basements flood, and even moving from one place to another becomes a challenge.  Too much of anything is problematic as too little.

I observe that there is a delicate balance which exists in life.  When we are living within this balance, life is wonderful.  When we move either direction from this balance point, life can become a struggle.  This is evident in watching children.  Too much parental control can be as problematic as no parental control.  Too much sleep impacts attitude and behaviors equally as too little sleep.  Too much food can have negative health impacts as too little food.

So the challenge for us is to find that balance whenever possible.  Someone said that moderation is the key.  I believe that this applies to all aspects of our lives.


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One of the most difficult things to do in life is to create balance in your life.  Almost everyone carries so many different roles in life.  With a variety of roles comes many demands and many task lists.  Because of this, it is very easy to get out of balance.  A person can quickly let one area of their life take a large amount of their time, money, resources, physical energy, and spiritual energy.  Add to this the demands that others place on all of these personal aspects.  When imbalance occurs, all will suffer but most important, the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of the individual can suffer.

Therefore, it is important to work for balance in life.  Yes, there will be times when out of necessity a certain aspect of your life will demand and need more of you, however, you must return to balance as soon as possible.  So this leads me to think about what is necessary to maintain balance in life.  Here is my list:

  1. Create times for assessment – This would be taking deliberate time to look at your life and determine if it is in balance or in need of realignment.
  2. Identify a person who can give an outsider’s perspective – It is of great value to have someone who you trust and who will know you well.  This person should feel confident enough to come to you when they perceive imbalance and/or the effects of imbalance in your life.  You should trust her/him and be open to hearing from the person.
  3. Create times of retreat – When you are in the midst of the fray, it can be almost impossible to rebalance yourself.  So you need to make deliberate periods of time when you can escape the fray of life and regain that balance.  There are many different activities and locations that can be utilized for these times.  The one you choose is dependent on your interests, availability, and time.

Everyone operates much better in balance.  We also see this in nature.  So work this year on improving and maintaining balance in your life.  You will be much better for it and other people in your life will be as well.

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Falling Sky This past weekend, everyone was encouraged to go outside and watch one of the most active meteor showers that only occurs every so many hundred years.  I must confess, I did not go outside to look for it.  One of my Facebook friends indicated that he had and found it disappointing so I am glad I chose to sleep instead.  However, that came to my mind this morning as I was thinking about the two differing perspectives that tend to exist within an organization.  So today I thought I would do a post regarding those who see nothing but sunshine and those who are always noticing that the sky is falling.

While I find that a majority of people fall somewhere in the middle, there are often two opposing views when you get a group of people together and there is a discussion regarding the condition of an organization, a project, or society in general.  You have some people who can only see positive.  These individuals are sometimes referred to as the “Pollyannas” of the group.  They find only positive and are determined that everything is going to turn out in some marvelous way.  This group is frequently referred to as naive and/or unrealistic.

The second group has a view that is overwhelmingly negative.  These individuals see only the problems that exist and are convinced that doom is imminent.  They are often referred to as pessimistic.  Others in the group quickly tire of hearing from them and find that they are depressing.  The view of the “sky is falling” is seen as over-exaggerating and unrealistic.

(I find it a little ironic that both ways to describe these viewpoints come from children’s literature.)

The similarity found in both these groups is that most of them are viewed as unrealistic.  The larger group discredits them and can easily become annoyed with the individuals.

The challenge for a leader is to manage and navigate through discussions when one or both of these viewpoints are present.  A leader wants to ensure that the voices which have one of these viewpoints are heard.  A balanced discussion requires the leader to not only allow voices from the middle to be heard but also voices from the edges.  At the same time, the leader also has to not allow these opposing viewpoints to dominate the discussion.  These voices can be overwhelming and can easily have a negative impact upon the group as a whole.

So whether you have an overly positive viewpoint (pollyanna) or an overly alarmed viewpoint (sky is falling) or somewhere in between, listen to the other viewpoints, hear the voices and move forward.  Leaders, be sure that you are striving for balance and inclusion.lovely_roses

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Walking a Fine Line

Walking a Fine Line (Photo credit: MissTessmacher)

It seems that in life there are a lot of fine lines that we encounter and are required to walk.  As a leader, I find this confronts me on a somewhat regular basis.  I find myself always have to monitor and manage these fine lines.   One of these fine lines is between expressing concerns and standing boldly.  Let me explain by a recent example.

The primary organization in which I am a leader is taking a very bold step regarding the start of a new project.  This project  entails accepting various levels of risks, some of which could have a major impact on the future of the organization.  I, and the other leadership, sense that we are being called to take this step.  We have done a fair amount of research and discussion.  We have faith that this is where we are being led.  However, there are some areas of uncertainty that we will probably never fully understand until we wade through them and do some significant learning along the way.

As a leader, I know that there are times that it is important for the success of a project for me to demonstrate confidence in the project.  I know that I, and other leaders, are being watched by members of the organization.  I have some responsibility to instill confidence in the members of the organization that the direction we are going is the right one for  us at this time and place.  However, I think that any leader who is part of taking some very bold steps who does not have some concerns is a leader that is being blind at some level.  So while I do have confidence in this project, while I am truly convinced that we are being led this direction, I have some levels of concern.  I hope this is what keeps me on my edge and helps ensure that the steps taken and risks taken are not without diligent thought and reflection.

The fine line comes when I have to choose how and when to express those concerns.  If I am not careful about that, I can unintentionally undermine the success of the project.  There is value for me to acknowledge that I share some of the concerns voiced by others.  There is also value in me communicating confidence that in spite of these concerns I believe we are making the right decisions.  I have to help keep the energy and enthusiasm for the new project solid and not create additional doubts in the minds of the people and fellow leaders.

It is a fine line that I walk as a leader…. instill confidence but communicate concerns.

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One of the many attractions at the Iowa State Fair is the food.   The picture that I put with today’s post is looking down one side of “the triangle.”. Fair junkies call it the triangle because roads cause this triangular land section to exist.  It is the home to multiple food vendors including the vendors who has introduced fried butter to the fair this year.

Looking at all the food vendors has caused me to think about what food and other items we take into our bodies.  It also has made me think about all the ideas, opinions, and influences we take into our minds.

I think that the key in both situations is balance and caution.  While we want to experience a variety, it is important to keep those two words in mind.

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