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I have a great love for the Bald Eagle.  Whenever I have the privilege to see a bald eagle, I am moved by their majesty, gracefulness, and beauty.  I could sit for hours watching bald eagles.  If you enter my office, you will find the main decorative aspect is all the bald eagle paintings and statues which are throughout the office.  So today I was reminded of a special song that speaks of the strength and majesty of my Lord.


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Image provided by

Image provided by

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love bald eagles.  If you were to walk into my office, you would see bald eagles all over the office.  I have three rather larger prints that feature bald eagles in each one of them.  I also have a set of shelves that are full of bald eagle statues and pictures. As I was sitting in my office this morning, I was looking at the prints of the bald eagles.  I was admiring the majestic look of the eagles in each print.  I was noticing how they seemed to always be soaring above whatever else was in the print.  This lead me to think about how it is important for leaders (and people in general) to soar above much of what is occurring.

Now, I realize that the previous statement can give an impression of arrogance.  I am not intended to indicate that there is some superiority that a leader should try to communicate.  Instead, I believe there is some practicality here that I am wanting to share.  First, we all know that there can be times that day-to-day life can become rather messy and personalities can create gossip, conflict and controversy.  I believe that it is vitally important for leaders to soar above those items.  In order to be an effective leader, you need to be able to not get bogged down in messiness and negativity.  An organization is dependent upon its leadership to help lift it out of those situations.  If the leader gets embroiled in them, then it is impossible for her/him to guide the organization out of them.  So the leader needs to soar above.

Second, the perspective of an eagle above the landscape is much different from that of an animal walking along the landscape.  I believe leaders need to have a perspective of an eagle.  They need to be able to see a broader view.  They need to be able to spot pitfalls and dangers which cannot be seen on the ground.  They need to be able to guide the organization along the path which may only be visible if you are looking from above versus down low.  So the leader needs to soar above.

There are times that a leader needs to walk alongside.  There are times that a leader needs to sit and rest beside others.  There are times that leaders need to be close enough to listen and to hear.  But there are also times when the leader needs to soar above.

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Drawing by Kevin Daniel

Drawing by Kevin Daniel

I have a picture that hangs on one of the walls of my office.  I look at it frequently because it is on the wall opposite my desk.  Sometimes I do not even notice it.  Today was not one of those days.  Today I looked up and saw the picture hanging on the wall.  Today I was drawn to a detail in the picture.

I chose the picture because I have a great love for bald eagles.  In fact, I have quiet a collection of pictures and statues of bald eagles.  This particular picture includes two bald eagles in flight along a shoreline with a lighthouse, clouds, the waves, the rocks, and a rainbow.  It was the rainbow that caught my eye this morning.  I believe I was drawn to it because in my faith, a rainbow is a sign of hope.  I would say it is even a sign of the promise of tomorrow.

Sometimes in life, we have days when there have been highs and lows.  I find that if I go to sleep after an event or series of events that I would classify as low, I wake up in the morning and have a bit of a struggle.  This morning was one of those mornings.  But when I sat down at my desk and looked at the rainbow in the picture, I sensed that I was being given a message.  For me this message was a reminder of the hope that continues to exist.  The message was one of assurance that there is tomorrow and in tomorrow is a brighter day.  This movement toward tomorrow can lift my mood today because I find hope in the promise.

As a Christian, I believe in the hope of something greater than I can imagine.  I believe that this hope is rooted in the promise of my Lord.  The story of the rainbow in Scripture speaks of God’s promise to never destroy creation.  It is a promise of many tomorrows.  In the story of what Jesus has done, there is an even greater promise of tomorrows because Jesus destroyed death that ends the tomorrows.  True, the tomorrows will be somewhere other than where we are today but the tomorrows will continue for us.

So today, the rainbow reminds me of tomorrow and the promise contained in tomorrow.  Like the bright and beautiful colors of the rainbow, I will see the bright and beautiful colors of tomorrow even if there is a little grey in today