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Have you participated in an event which causes you to feel energized by the end?  Recently I have been attending worship at a local church where this feeling occurs every time.  I enjoy the worship experience and find a great connection with the Spirit each time I attend.  There is a genuine sense of love and a high level of energy.  People of all ages gather and truly worship because they feel a connection.  The focus is on worshiping the Lord.

Another truly wonderful aspect is that I look forward to going to worship.  I know that no matter how challenging my week has been, I have an opportunity to focus on my faith and find fellowship.  The people whom I am with provide energy for me.  They share with one another and support one another in an uplifting manner.

Unfortunately, I am sure all of us have been in situations within the church where the opposite occurs.  I have attended worship in some churches where I walk away feeling drained.  The atmosphere, the worship style, and the people’s attitude extracts energy.  This has nothing to do with the style of music, the volume of music, the pastor’s style, or how liturgical the worship.  It is all about the feeling and attitude of those who are worshiping.

My hope for all of you are that you have the opportunity to participate in an event that provides energy to you.  I know that I am grateful to find this church and this worship experience.


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The July/August edition of Presbyterians Today was focused on technology and the church.  One of the articles included interviews with individuals who belonged to and/or attended a viritual Presbyterian church online in Second Life.  I found it quite interesting and it opened to me a huge variety of questions regarding the definition of “church”, our understanding of fellowship, and the possibilities of the future.  So I decided that I would seek the input of you, my readers, and share some thoughts along the way.

The first question that comes to mind and seems to be addressed in the article is a definition of “church.”  While many people will make statements like, “A church is not a building but a people,” it has not necessarily been our norm to function in that way.  There seems to be some agreed upon viewpoint that a church is really not a true church until there is a building that bears the name of the group meeting there.  Many congregations spend a large amount of money maintaining current buildings while others take out large mortgages to build and/or expand a building.

The individuals interviewed in the article mentioned above seem to indicate that they feel they are definitely a church.  While they do not have a physical structure where they gather, there is a virtual structure online that they use to gather.  There are even offices, worship spaces, meeting rooms, and quite an elaborate decor and landscaping.

So my questions to those reading are:  What does it take to be a church?  What is the role of a building for a church?

I look forward to hearing your comments.