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Having Friends   Leave a comment

Today I wanted to play tribute to friends.  As I thought about what music video to share, this song came into my mind.  How wonderful and vital are friends!  Enjoy!


Also, have a safe and enjoyable Independence Day celebration and weekend!

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For Mom (A Reminder for Me)   Leave a comment

As this weekend approaches, many will celebrate the moms in their lives.  I will celebrate in the memories.  One of my Mom’s favorite songs is the one which I post today.  But I post this for two reasons, the first is to celebrate Mom and the second is the reminder that others can be our bridge.  My Mom was often one of my bridges.

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With A Little Help From My Friends   1 comment

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I happened to look outside of my office window this morning just in time to see a couple of groups of Canadian geese fly over.  They were in the typical vee shape in which geese fly.  I am sure that all of you know the reason for this flight pattern.  But in case you have forgotten:

  1. Conserve energy – Each bird flies slightly above the one in front of it to reduce wind resistance. The lead bird moves to the back when it becomes tired and another takes its place.  This allows them to fly at a much greater distance.
  2. Keeping track of one another – Increased ease in communication and coordination helps ensure everyone is accounted for and supported.

This has caused me to think about what we could learn from geese.  I think that there is great value in relying upon one another, taking our turn at the lead, and keeping track of one another.  We can conserve our energy and ensure everyone is accounted for and supported.

So make sure you are flying with friends.  After all, “I get by with a little help from my friends.” (Beetles)

Reconnecting   Leave a comment

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One of the great aspects of this time of year is that we are given an opportunity to reconnect with people.  Through Christmas cards and the letters included in them, we are able to share about our lives and hear about the lives of others with whom we may not have regular contact.  It is always a great joy for me to go to the mailbox and see who has sent a card each day.  (By the way, mine is in process this week.)

Yesterday, as I worked on Christmas cards, I was thinking about the importance of reconnecting.  Not only is it important to reconnect with friends and family this time of year, but it is also important for us to take time to reconnect with the cause for celebration this time of year.  In the celebration of the incarnation of Christ, we remember that God truly became one of us.  We remember about Christ’s life and ministry.  Of course we remember the ultimate purpose of his arrival, the providing us a way back to God by the removing of the stain of our sins.  Christ brought the ultimate opportunity of re-connection.

The other significant celebration is the welcoming of a new year.  As a believer, I am reminded that just as the Lord was present in my life over the past year, the Lord will be present in this new year.  I have no idea what the new year will bring but the Lord does.  No matter what each day of the new year holds in store for me, the Lord is right there beside me.  I have this connection with the Lord that will not be severed on the Lord’s part.

So I encourage you to not only celebrate the joy of reconnecting with family and friends this time of year but to also reconnect with the significance of your relationship with the Lord.  Reconnect with the reality of what the Lord has done and is doing for you.


Today’s Thank List   1 comment

thank you

thank you (Photo credit: the|G|™)

Today, I felt it was time for me to stop and take inventory of the things that I am thankful for.  So here is my list:

  • Sunshine
  • Green grass and leaves on the trees
  • Friends
  • Family
  • People I love
  • Good health
  • Nice home
  • Meaningful job
  • My dogs
  • A purpose-filled life
  • Leadership abilities
  • Coffee
  • A safe and peaceful place to live
  • People who help me grow
  • God’s love
  • Jesus’ gift of grace
  • Forgiveness

What would you put on your list?  What would you add to mine?

Reflecting on December   Leave a comment

christmas eve lunar infinity

christmas eve lunar infinity (Photo credit: champagne.chic)


Alright, I know it is already a week into the new month but since I was on hiatus last week and needed to comment on the hiatus yesterday, I am finally getting around to lifting up the meaningful aspects of last month.  So here is my list:


  • Enjoyed a wonderful day spent with one of my life and career mentors.
  • Spent time laughing and sharing with a close friend.
  • Attended a high school jazz band competition and heard some excellent musicians.
  • Gathered with some close friends and confidants to discuss a new concept.
  • Joined colleagues and friends in celebrating Christmas a few weeks before Christmas.  Had some great food also!
  • Had lunch with a colleague and new friend and did some dreaming.
  • Attended an Iowa Men’s Basketball game and enjoyed a great victory.
  • Gathered with family and friends to celebrate Christmas Eve and experience great joy and laughter.
  • Had an awesome vacation.


As I reflect on these meaningful aspects of last month, I notice that a majority involve relationships and wonderful people.  This is a thought that I will carry with me into this new month and new year.  The true meaning in life is found in those people who the Lord places in your life.