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This song and video captures the message of Good Friday to me:


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Empty Tomb

Empty Tomb (Photo credit: abcdz2000)

Well, the busyness of the Easter holiday has come and gone for another year.  As I was reflecting on all I heard and experienced during last week and Sunday morning, I realized how Easter propels me to always be anticipating the “something better.”  Now let me first say that this does not exclude me from living in the present.  If we are always looking to the future, we can miss the wonderful aspects of today.  However, as a believer, I know that what I see and experience around me today is not all there is to life.  Easter reminds me that there is something more, something better, planned for my life.

The promises given and solidified in the actions of Jesus on Good Friday and on Easter morning are promises that are real for me in my life.  As Jesus tells the criminal on the cross next to him, I have the same promise that I will be with the Lord in paradise.  This points me to a better reality, a better existence than the one that I experience now.  The promise is real and given to all people without regard for their past behaviors or social status.  My belief in Jesus Christ and what Jesus did and said is the guarantee of the fulfillment of that promise.

So even as I live in today and enjoy the blessings of the Lord that are found in this day, I know that the Lord has something better planned for me.  Each day and the changes that I experience in that day moves me closer to that “something better.”  I long for the completion of God’s plan in my life.  I long for the steps along the way that move closer to that reality.  I long for something better.


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resolute (Photo credit: istolethetv)

Today is the day that Christians all over the world stop and pause to remember Jesus dying a cross.  Today we are reminded of why Jesus chose to die and what that means to our life, and more importantly our eternal life.  In my reading of Scripture today, Jesus’ final words echoed in my thoughts.

“When he had received the drink, Jesus said, ‘It is finished.’  With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.”  (John 19:30, NIV)

Jesus’ words cause me to wonder, “What is finished?”  There are many answers to that question:

  • Jesus’ life
  • The fulfillment of the prophesies and Scripture
  • The salvation work
  • Jesus’ obedience to God
  • The pain and suffering
  • Jesus’ ministry in this life

All of these are likely responses to my question.  In Jesus’ death on the cross, there comes an end to this chapter in the Jesus’ story.  However, this is the end of Jesus or Jesus’ work in any way.  Like many aspects of life, now we wait, or at least we wait in the telling of the story.  Jesus is placed in a tomb which is carved in the stone of a hillside.  For many, this clearly signaled an end.  However, for believers on this side of the story, we know that this is not the end.  The full culmination of Jesus’ powerful display of love will not be realized for a few more days.  In addition, Jesus’ work still continues today.

So as a believer, it is important for me to pause today.  It is important to be in limbo for the next few days.  The reward is a great celebration in a couple of days.  A celebration which will be just a small foretaste of the greatest celebration yet to come.  These days of limbo give me great insight to the limbo in which I live every day as I await the full completion of God’s glory in my life.



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Statue of the Crucifixion of Jesus outside of ...

Statue of the Crucifixion of Jesus outside of campion hall. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today believers in Christ will remember the events of Jesus’ death on the cross.  I’ve been in conversations about why this day is referred to as Good Friday in the Christian calendar.  The conversations all go along the lines of:  “If Jesus died on a cross this day, why do we call it Good Friday?’  So let me address that question.

First of all, a person needs to understand the meaning of the word “good” in the context of the title of this day on the Christian calendar.  When we use that word, we are often using it to refer to something positive that has happened or a positive trait in a person, event, or object.  That is not the understanding that should be applied to the word in the context of this Christian day.  Here the word is to mean “pious or holy“.  We can definitely agree that this is a holy day for Christian believers.

On a more personal note, for me as a believer in Jesus, this day truly is a good day.  If Jesus would not have died on the cross, I would not have been given an opportunity for my sins to be removed.  My own piety could never come close to covering my sins even if I lived a life that had little to fault.  I need Jesus to pay the price that I cannot pay on my own.  So as a sinner, Jesus’ death on the cross is definitely a positive event for me.

Yes, today I grieve because of the events I remember in Jesus’ life.  I grieve that I was not able to be obedient to God and follow God’s plan so Jesus had to be obedient for me.  I grieve that Jesus, my Lord, had to suffer and feel the pain that I actually deserved.  I grieve that Jesus had to die in order that I may live.  I grieve.  But I also rejoice because Jesus chose to be obedient, to suffer and feel pain, to die for my benefit.

This truly is GOOD FRIDAY in every sense of the words.