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Sometimes I feel like one of those toys that moves along a cord.  The toy starts at one end of the cord and advances until it hits a stop at the other end of the cord.  Now this may sound a bit strange but as I think as you keep that imagery in your mind, you will see that there is value to being like one of those toys.  So let me share why I feel this way.

I am a person that is motivated by goals.  I set goals for myself both in my professional and my personal life.  If you imagine each of those goals as one of the stops I mentioned in regards to the toy, then moving along toward that goal is like moving along the toy’s cord.  Sometimes those goals have to do with accomplishments or completion of projections.  Other times, those goals have to do with an event or a specific date.

This week, I have a specific date/event that I have been moving toward for about a week…. VACATION.  Following Christmas, I am taking some days of vacation.  So last week, I worked on getting projects completed with the knowledge that it moved me closer to my goal of vacation.  Today, I will try to complete all remaining tasks.  I am eagerly anticipating my vacation.  Because of my anticipation and the closer proximity of the first day of vacation, I have developed a mantra which includes a countdown to vacation.

Having a target date or goal is a motivating force for me.  It helps me move through life.  I eagerly anticipate and I work harder toward getting to that target.  When I have reached the target, then I set a new target and the work begins again.  There is great value in this because it means that I continue to make forward progress which is an ongoing goal in my life.

I think that this can be applied to many aspects of life.  For me, as I mentioned, it applies to both professional and personal aspects.  I have targets for projects that I want to see completed.  I have targets for achievements and improvements in my life.  I have targets for changes that I wish to take place.  I have targets for events that I anticipate.  I have targets for my faith growth.  This is how I maneuver through life.

Do you have a target?  Do you need a target?  How do you make movement forward?

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All Cylinders Firing   Leave a comment

Crankshaft (red), pistons (gray) in their cyli...

Crankshaft (red), pistons (gray) in their cylinders (blue), and flywheel (black) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I would be the first to tell you that I know very little about cars.  Most of my knowledge comes from something not working right on my car and a mechanic telling me what isn’t working.  I do know that cars have cylinders and I know that it is in these cylinders that gas and the spark from the spark plugs mix to create the energy for the pistons of the engine to work which then will drive the motor and therefore, the car.  So I know that if one of the spark plugs is not working or the gas isn’t getting in the cylinder or the cylinder has an issue, the car will not run efficiently or maybe at all.  (So ends my knowledge of the details)  As I leader, I believe that this image has value when thinking about the organization which I am working with.

First, today is one of those days when I feel like all my cylinders are not firing.  I really do not have a good explanation for this possibility.  I know that I feel physically tired which doesn’t make sense because I felt I slept well.  I also feel emotionally and spiritually tired which again does not make sense since this is my first week back after having a week and a half of vacation.  What I do know is that because of these feelings, I am not as effective as a leader.  I, therefore, know that I need to be very cautious today as I approach situations and people.  Hopefully this awareness will be beneficial.  I also know as a leader that a day or two of this issue is alright occasionally but if there is a sustained period, it needs to be dealt with or I and the organization could suffer.

Second, organizations can easily encounter times that all the cylinders are not firing.  The result of this situation is that the organization does not move forward very well and may even grind to a halt just like a car.  Naturally, this is not a result which anyone would like to happen.  So it is important to look at the causes of the organization’s cylinders not firing correctly.  Once the causes are identified, then a plan to correct the situation must be developed so the problem can be resolved and the organization can move forward again.  I am currently working with a few organizations that I believe may be suffering from this problem.

So my plan today is to try to get all my cylinders firing so that I can be an effective leader in the organizations which I just referenced.  If my cylinders have an issue, there is no way I can help to resolve the organization’s issues.  This is one time I can be a mechanic but it depends on the fixing of my situation first.