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I was looking today at a display that I have on my office door.  It actually is a combination of a few different gifts which I have received over the years.  One piece is a wreath celebrating my favorite college sports team.  In the middle of the wreath are a few hanging items which were gifts.  While I looked at my door, it made me think about what was in the middle of the wreath.  These thoughts led me to a question…. “What is the center of your life?”

As I pondered this question, I began to think of responses which I might make.  I came to realize that my responses reflected what I found to be important in my life at this time.  I think that this says a lot about what we place in the center of our lives.  For me it involved relationships, my faith, and my hopes.  Others might include career, home, family, activities, financial security, or some possession.  I find that what I choose to place in the center of my life are those things to which I devote my time, energy, and resources.  I would venture to guess that this is true for others as well.

So that leads me to ask you the same question….. What is in the center of your life?


What’s Important   Leave a comment

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I think that there is value in taking times to determine what is important.  So many times we can get so caught up in the activities of life that we forget to evaluate the necessity of those activities.  Whether you are in a leadership role or not, there are plenty of things to keep a person busy.  The true question is if those tasks feed into what is important to you or not.

In determining what is important, you have to take a bit of time identifying the core values in your life.  Over a course of time, some of those core values may change.  So for me, the starting point is evaluating and naming the core values in my life.  I have had more than one occasion when I have discovered there had been adjustments in my core values but all my activities and tasks had not been adjustments.  When the way in which we spend our time and resources is out of alignment with our core values, we can quickly get fatigued and frustrated.

Once these core values have been named, the next step is to do some evaluation of how time and resources are allocated.  Do the use of time and resources support the core values?  What tasks, commitments, and activities take away from your living out of your core values?  Are there new tasks, commitments, or activities which you might want to add to your life in support of your core values?  These questions, and maybe a few others, will help to align your life better and allow for you to find joy in what you are doing.

I have come to understand that what is important in my life is based on how I define my core values.  Sometimes I just need to be reminded of this truth.

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One of the most difficult things to do in life is to create balance in your life.  Almost everyone carries so many different roles in life.  With a variety of roles comes many demands and many task lists.  Because of this, it is very easy to get out of balance.  A person can quickly let one area of their life take a large amount of their time, money, resources, physical energy, and spiritual energy.  Add to this the demands that others place on all of these personal aspects.  When imbalance occurs, all will suffer but most important, the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of the individual can suffer.

Therefore, it is important to work for balance in life.  Yes, there will be times when out of necessity a certain aspect of your life will demand and need more of you, however, you must return to balance as soon as possible.  So this leads me to think about what is necessary to maintain balance in life.  Here is my list:

  1. Create times for assessment – This would be taking deliberate time to look at your life and determine if it is in balance or in need of realignment.
  2. Identify a person who can give an outsider’s perspective – It is of great value to have someone who you trust and who will know you well.  This person should feel confident enough to come to you when they perceive imbalance and/or the effects of imbalance in your life.  You should trust her/him and be open to hearing from the person.
  3. Create times of retreat – When you are in the midst of the fray, it can be almost impossible to rebalance yourself.  So you need to make deliberate periods of time when you can escape the fray of life and regain that balance.  There are many different activities and locations that can be utilized for these times.  The one you choose is dependent on your interests, availability, and time.

Everyone operates much better in balance.  We also see this in nature.  So work this year on improving and maintaining balance in your life.  You will be much better for it and other people in your life will be as well.