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Have you participated in an event which causes you to feel energized by the end?  Recently I have been attending worship at a local church where this feeling occurs every time.  I enjoy the worship experience and find a great connection with the Spirit each time I attend.  There is a genuine sense of love and a high level of energy.  People of all ages gather and truly worship because they feel a connection.  The focus is on worshiping the Lord.

Another truly wonderful aspect is that I look forward to going to worship.  I know that no matter how challenging my week has been, I have an opportunity to focus on my faith and find fellowship.  The people whom I am with provide energy for me.  They share with one another and support one another in an uplifting manner.

Unfortunately, I am sure all of us have been in situations within the church where the opposite occurs.  I have attended worship in some churches where I walk away feeling drained.  The atmosphere, the worship style, and the people’s attitude extracts energy.  This has nothing to do with the style of music, the volume of music, the pastor’s style, or how liturgical the worship.  It is all about the feeling and attitude of those who are worshiping.

My hope for all of you are that you have the opportunity to participate in an event that provides energy to you.  I know that I am grateful to find this church and this worship experience.

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There are times in life when the challenges can appear overwhelming.  The list of concerns becomes longer.  The uncertainty seems to be more than those things which are certain.  During these times, a person can easily become bogged down and weary.  Each day becomes a struggle.  Focus and determination can appear elusive. It is during such times that reminding one’s self that there is hope becomes vital.  Having individual(s) who will support and restore hope is critical.

I consider myself extremely fortunate.  I have a strong faith in my Lord.  I have people in my life who provide me more support and hope than many.  I must wonder what it would be like if I did not have these two elements in my life.  Each day I read in the newspaper or see on television situations that are truly devastating.  When I am made of aware of these situations, I quickly wonder how the people impacted by them are able to move forward.  Do they have a faith in a Lord who is far greater than any situation on earth?  Do they have a strong support system of friends and family?  I confess that I truly cannot see how anyone can go through difficulties without those two elements.

So I want to remind all of you, hold on to the hope that you have.  Each day is a new beginning with new possibilities.  Make sure that you invite people into your life that can restore your hope when events tear it down.  Have some type of faith which will help you to remember that there is someone greater than anything in this world.  Hold on to hope!

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First of all, let me apologize for what many view as poor grammar when using the word “Ain’t” in the title of this post.  However, I think you will understand why I made that choice as you continue to read this.

Many years ago when I was around the age of eleven or twelve, I visited Boys Town in Omaha, NE with my family.  I have many memories of that visit but one in particular came to my mind as I prepared to write this morning.  The memory is of a statue that stood on the grounds of the Boys Town complex.  It is a statue of an older boy carrying a younger boy on his back.  This statue was also prominent in a movie entitled, Boys Town, which was released in 1938 and featured famous actors Spencer Tracey and Mickey Rooney.  The story is an account of the early beginnings of Boys Town which was started by Father Edward J. Flanagan.  The goal of Father Flanagan was to provide a place for young boys to go when there were family issues or they were dealing with behavioral issues.  The reason for the statue was to communicate the idea that someone would always be there to help you when you were struggling; that you would have someone to carry you through difficult times.  In 1969, a song was released and was made famous by The Hollies which also communicates these philosophy entitled, He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother.

The idea that we all need to have help at times is one that I believe can be forgotten.  We all have need for support at one time or another.  As much as we would like to think that we can forge through difficulties alone, we really cannot.  There is not a person alive who has not had a struggle in life.  While our experiences are unique to ourselves, we can find similarities with one another.  Even if we miss our similarities, we can still be present with one another.  Sometimes just having the knowledge that someone is present with you can be the key to giving you a bit more strength to go through a day.

I have always been very fortunate to have individuals who support me.  Sometimes that support comes from family.  Sometimes that support is found in friends.  Sometimes that support comes from the most unexpected individuals whom I may barely know.  The reality is that there has always been individuals who have given to me their support even if they do not understand the details of my experience.  This is one of the greatest gifts a person can ever receive.  My struggle is not always being wise enough to reach out to others who would like to offer me that support.  When I have had the wisdom to reach out, I find that I never come back empty-handed but usually with overflowing support and love.

So my message today is two-fold.  First, if you are having a difficult time in your life, remember to reach out to others for support.  Second, always seek the opportunity to offer the support and love someone might be needing today.  You may be surprised what a huge difference it can make!

Now I share with you the song which I mentioned earlier and ask you to truly think about the words today and in the future.

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Well, it is time for me to get back on track.  The move is completed, many of the boxes are unpacked, and I am starting to develop a new daily routine.  So it is time for me to get back to writing on a regular basis.  For those who have missed my blog posts, you will be glad to see my return.  For those who have not realized that it has been over two weeks since I posted, hopefully you will become more regular in reading my posts.  For those who read but do not comment, I hope that you start commenting because my goal is to create a dialogue on here.

What a roller coaster ride the last few weeks and months have been.  Some of you know that I have gone through (and continue to go through) significant life changes.  There have been some very positive moments, some very challenging moments, and some very confusing moments.  I have received support through these changes and am very grateful for all those who have given words of encouragement, hugs, and on-going support.  I have also received negative comments and had to deal with rumors and lies.  Throughout all of this however is the reality that I continue to move forward day-to-day and my faith provides a undergirding that carries me throughout.

Whenever a person experiences significant changes in their lives, the person is faced with a few choices of how to manage those changes.  One choice is to feel defeated and retreat within themselves, a giving up on life.  Another choice is to recognize the sources of support that are available and use that support to make it through each positive and negative change.  Still another choice is to ignore the true impacts of change so that you can fake your way through each day.  As I mentioned before, I have the honor of having a strong support system.  So the choice that I have made during this time of transition is to recognize the sources of support available to me and use that support to handle the impacts of change.

Changes may appear to be drastic and sudden.  However, change is something which is ongoing and the seeds of change are planted long before the actual change takes place.  When we witness change in someone’s life, we can often wrongly assume that it was drastic and sudden.  In reality, outside of catastrophic events, most change has been an ongoing process.  People respond to change in other people’s lives in very differing ways.  Each of us have to determine what to share with others and when to share it when change is occurring in our own lives.  What I have found is that unfortunately other people can sometimes want to know all the details of change in a another person’s life and when they do not receive those details, they create their own theories which they can believe to be the truth.  When this occurs, rumors, false statements, and judgment soon follow.  This can be very hurtful and often times very inaccurate.  So my suggestion to all who read this blog is to realize that individuals make decisions regarding what to share and to whom to share information about their own lives with others.  Respect those decisions.  Do not spend time guessing at or creating your own rationales for changes in other individuals’ lives.  Even if you do choose to create scenarios or rationales for change, keep those to yourself.  This is how we respect one another.

So, a rather long first post after a hiatus.  What I want to communicate the most to you today is that I am grateful for the support and love that has been expressed to me through my transition.  I want to thank the Lord for always being there and helping me to face each day not with a sense of defeat but a sense of acceptance for what the day may hold.  I want to remind us all that respecting one another and supporting one another even when we do not know the details is paramount and I believe honors the second greatest commandment that the Lord has given to us, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Watching Out   2 comments

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Last night as I was preparing for bed, I looked out my kitchen window and noticed there was something unusual at my neighbor’s home.  I have lived across the street from an older lady who lives alone for over fourteen years.  In that period of time, you get to know a person’s normal habits.  What I saw last night was not normal.  It was rather late in the evening and it appeared that all lights were off in her home so I figured she was probably asleep.  I debated with myself about calling her but decided that I  would wait until morning and see if she arose and followed some of her normal habits.

This morning when I arose and went to my kitchen, I looked across the street.  Nothing seemed to have changed from the previous night.  I decided to take my normal walk with my dog since it was still early and if there appeared to be no activity, I would go over to make sure she was alright.

Upon my return from my walk, I noticed that she was definitely awake and following her normal behaviors.  Much to my relief, everything seemed alright.  Then as I was preparing to go to work, she happened to be in her garage so I went over to chat with her.  I told her of my concern and my intention to take action if nothing had changed.  She was so extremely grateful and thanked me for watching out for her.

This has led me to think about the importance to watch out for one another.  In a world where there seems to be more and more isolation, this need continues to grow.  We need to be observant and know those who live around us.  I am not advocating that we become intruders into the lives of others but instead have a genuine interest and care for one another.  Getting to know each other and our habits can make a difference when a need or crisis arises.

So today, I want to remind you to watch out for one another.  We all could use each other’s help and support!

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As this weekend approaches, many will celebrate the moms in their lives.  I will celebrate in the memories.  One of my Mom’s favorite songs is the one which I post today.  But I post this for two reasons, the first is to celebrate Mom and the second is the reminder that others can be our bridge.  My Mom was often one of my bridges.

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Missing You   2 comments

Mom & Dad at College Graduation Today for some reason, my thoughts have been circling around my parents.  Early this year my Dad returned to the arms of his Lord.  My Mom has been experiencing the glory of the Lord for almost six years now.  I am very grateful for knowing that their difficulties have ended and their work is no longer laborious.  However, for some reason today I am a little sad.  This date is not significant in their or my life but today I am impacted.

There are days when I find myself thinking about them.  After my Dad’s death, I began using pictures that I had put on my computer for his tribute video as my screen saver.  When I see pictures of each of them, other family members, and the two of them together, I remember the situation during which the picture was taken.  Most days those memories bring smiles to my face.  Today, I felt a tear in my eye as I looked at the pictures.

I miss them.  Life for them and for us was not always perfect.  There were difficulties and there were fights.  But there was also laughter and joy.  Each of them brought something different as a gift to me.  I learned so many things from each of them.  I am the person who I am because they had influenced me.  I am grateful to them both.  Most importantly I always knew of their love and their never wavering support.

And today, I miss you Mom and Dad.  I will always love you!

Mom & Dad at Second Graduation

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