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Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to complete a task if you have someone to do it with you?  Today there was a task which needed to be completed at the house.  It was a task that could easily be done by one person, in fact, that is usually the case.  But today two of us worked on the task together.  When we were done I realized how much easier the task seemed.  I also was pleased with how less time was needed to complete the task.

Now, all that I have shared may seem obvious.  However, I think that often times we forget the benefits of doing tasks with others.  So we choose to grumble about doing the task and spend much more time completing it.  There is little wisdom in doing some tasks alone.  In addition to making a task less burdensome, another benefit is that you are able to spend time with another person which is always a positive.  If you are the one who initiates the work, ask another person to join you in its completion.  If you are the person who is not responsible for the task, ask the one who is if you could help them.  Both of you will benefit in the long run.

My challenge for all of my readers today is to share the work.  Identify opportunities for you do to tasks with another.  I promise you, it will make your work much more enjoyable.

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I think that one of the most difficult things for most of us is truly listening.  I am a person that moves through the day mainly in the order of a task list.  I frequently look at, revise, and add to my task list.  I prioritize those tasks and only feel a sense of accomplishment if I can end the day with all items checked off my task list.  Since my task list drives me, I have very little “down time” in my life.  What unassigned times I do encounter, I fill with usually mindless activity.  The problem with this is that it does not provide time for me to listen.

As a believer, I declare that I have chosen to let the Spirit of God guide my life.  In fact, during my prayer time and during my devotional time each day, I ask the Lord to guide me by the Spirit.  So I make this request at least two times every day.  However, I do not make room for the Spirit.  I do not take time outside those brief, assigned times to listen for the Spirit’s guidance.  I treat my prayer and devotional time as one more task on my list for the day and when I have completed those items, I move on.

However, the Lord tends to occasionally break into my day and cause me to listen even when I do not have time scheduled.  This happened to me this morning.  I was going along with my daily routine and all of a sudden, God showed up.  The Spirit spoke to me at a time when I did not expect it.  It was absolutely wonderful!  The message which the Lord had for me today was very timely and much-needed.

This breaking in on my day set me back on my heels.  It reminded me about what amazing things the Lord had to say to me if I just would listen. It reminded me of a commitment which I made in March of this year to do a better job of spending time to just listen to the Lord.  It reminded me of the great value found in listening.

So today, I recommit myself to that which I said in March….. I WILL take time to listen.  I WILL place listening for the Spirit on my list of items which I need to accomplish.

Will you make a similar commitment?  You may be surprised what you discover.

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With the strange weather we have experienced this week where there were thunderstorms, snow, and even tornadoes in our state, I thought this song might be a good one:

Reminder that there is always a time laid out for all things.

(Also, a nice reminder of Ecclesiastes 3)

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I have some pictures hanging in my office which have been in place for over five years.  Most days I barely look at them any more.  However, today, I happened to take time to look at three of them pretty intently.  I spent time looking over each part of the pictures.  What I found truly amazing is that I discovered details in each of the paintings that I had not recalled.  These details enhanced my enjoyment of the paintings.

This discovery for me this morning made me pause and consider how often I overlook details in other aspects of my day.  How many times do I just glance at an item which I pass by on a daily basis?  How little time do I take to really look at those items?  How many times do I do this with individuals?

All these questions has prompted me to commit myself this week to noticing the details in the ordinary aspects of my life.  I need to take a little extra time to engage with some of the items and some of the people that I have come to take for granted.  I need to really look at the ordinary of my life so that I might come to notice details which will enhance my enjoyment.

How about you?  When you look at those things which are “always there,” what do you see?  Do you even notice them any more?  Maybe you want to dedicate this week to looking at the ordinary in a different way.  I am guessing that we all my discover hidden details which we have often overlooked.

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One of the most difficult things for most of us is making sure that we focus our time and energy on the big items of life and not let the little items distract us.  What I am referring to requires perspective.  When we look at the life span of a human in comparison to the whole time line of creation, we realize that our length of time is pretty small.  This reality, helps to put perspective upon the various crises, tasks, and challenges of life.  The question that each of us should ask when confronted with these items is… How will this impact the forward movement of life?

I am not advocating that we ignore the “little” items.  If you ignore them, eventually they will pile up into a “big” item.  However, do not let these littles overwhelm you or consume your energy.  This will require some prioritization.  It also helps if you have a trusted friend or coworker which you can share information with and receive feedback to help you keep littles as littles and identify the bigs.

One of the measurements that I try to use on a regular basis is to view the situations and tasks in regards to the human quotient.  By this, I mean that I consider how the item which I am dealing with impacts my well-being and/or the well-being of others.  I view the impact on relationships.  I view the impact on livelihood.  I view the impact on the health and mental status.  When I remember to use this measurement, it is very beneficially in identifying littles and bigs.

The other measurement I try to use was handed down to me by my grandfather.  He was often quoted as saying, “A hundred years from now, who will give a (care)?”  He actually used a different word at the end but I edited for the purpose of this post.  Again, I think that this question helps me to keep perspective.

So I challenge each of you to expend your energy on the bigs of life and deal with the littles when you have time and energy left over.

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As I look outside my office window and watch some of the leaves fall (the tree outside my window always changes colors and has leaves fall very early), I am drawn to think about the change of another season.  So here is today’s music video.

Just a note:  This song is based on Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, check it out.

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One of the difficulties that I think people have is that they often look at situations as only having one path to a solution.  When you have that mindset, you can easily struggle to overcome obstacles.  What I have come to discover is that there is, more often than not, multiple pathways to a solution.  When you open yourself to a variety of pathways, then it is much easier to find success.

In order to identify multiple paths however, you must be able to step back a bit from whatever is occurring.  This requires you to take time.  You have to make the time to deliberately disengage from the situation.  During this period of disengagement, you have to try to reduce emotions.  It is also very important not to jump to conclusions or solutions.  You may even have to do some dreaming or creative thinking.  When you commit to actually doing these things, you will often be amazed by how many pathways might become visible.

So I encourage everyone to look for the different paths which are open to you this day.  Remember, there is usually always more than one.

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