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Well, I am back from my vacation.  I always enjoy taking the time between Christmas and New Years as vacation.  I get to truly enjoy the holidays and since life is usually a little quieter during that time, I am able to truly relax.  This year I even made a more deliberate attempt to avoid looking at my work email or engaging in any activity regarding work.  I experienced a truly relaxing and reinvigorating vacation.

Now it is time to engage in some of my regular routines (including blog posts).  It is also time to clean out the old aspects of last year and move into the new adventures of this year.  I can say that I have had success at home cleaning out some old papers so I have already begun the process.

This week I want to spend a little time determining some new projects and focus areas for myself.  I hope to do a little mapping out of the year so I can identify key dates and anticipated goals/deadlines.  Each new year provides an opportunity to chart new and different courses in our lives.

So stay tuned as I explore a little this week and probably into the following week.  Share with me some of your new year plans and activities.  Tell me about the rituals and adjustments you tend to make when a new year rolls around.  I look forward to reading your comments.

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Well, my annual trip to the Fair for 11 days has ended and it is time to refocus on my work.  It is always wonderful to have a time to focus on something completely different and my time at the Fair allows me to do just that.  As a volunteer, I can give of myself and benefit the Fair for others.  Since I work in a merchandise trailer, it takes me back to the days of my retail work and is a completely different set of circumstances than the work I do throughout the rest of the year.  The time away also provides for me to have a new outlook on the work that I do in my employed position.  So I see that three areas of my life experience value when I am at the Fair; the State Fair and its patrons, the job which I do on a daily basis when the Fair is not taking place, and my own spirit.

Now, it is time to get back to my duties as a leader and the daily responsibilities.  I find that I have new energy.  I know that I have a new perspective.  I think I also have some adjusted priorities.  Getting back into routines also provides a sense of normalcy which can be comforting in a strange way.  I have already begun to do some catch up which always is necessary after being gone for a period of time.  By the end of the day, I will have a much clearer perspective of the tasks which I need to accomplish in the days ahead.  But even those tasks will occur in a little different manner because of my ability to take a fresher look at each of them.

So my blog is back and I hope that you read it regularly and share it with others.  Let me know if you have any topics you would like me to explore here.

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2014 Happy New Year

Good morning everyone!  Well, the day has arrived.  My vacation is officially over and I am back in the office in a new year.  Days like this one are always bittersweet.  I greatly enjoyed my time away from the office and the opportunity that I have had to relax and focus on other aspects of my life.  However, I am glad to get back to a routine and am energized about a whole new year with new possibilities.

How do you look at a new year?  Many individuals spent time before January 1 reminiscing about 2013 and creating resolutions for 2014.  Research tells us that most resolutions result in being forgotten or abandoned before the end of January.  I have never been big on creating resolutions because I truly fit into the category that research has found to be common.  However, I do view the new year as an opportunity to explore new directions and to build upon what I have experienced in the previous year.

So as I begin another year and start to focus on work once again, I am looking for the new possibilities that might unfold for me.  I am searching for the direction that I am being called to take in this new year.  I am energized and refreshed to grow, learn, and accomplish new objectives.

What are you looking forward to in 2014?

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a very merry christmas

a very merry christmas (Photo credit: SaltGeorge)

Today is Christmas Eve.  You can definitely tell that by how quiet things are around town.  Some of the businesses are not even open today so that their employees can have the day for travel or final Christmas shopping.  That cannot be said about the malls and large retailers however.  There is a definite busyness around them as people rush in for last-minute items.  The grocery stores are the same way.

Of course, this is a day that I focus on the reason for all of the celebrations.  Tonight we will have a beautiful worship service to remember that on a night many years ago, a young boy came into this world.  This boy was typical in many ways.  He cried, he slept a lot, and he responded to the touch of his loving mother.  He would grow up to be pretty normal in his activities and how he would spend his time.  However, he was also significantly different.  This child born so many years ago would change the course of human history forever and would change the way humans understood God and one another.  This boy, Jesus, would become a man who would teach with authority and newness.  He would reverse the norms of the have’s and have-nots’.  He would change the focus from condemnation and judgment to forgiveness and grace.  He would place love as the primary focus of what it meant to be God’s children.

The work is definitely not complete.  While the birth of the boy would begin a change, the change has not occurred in all the hearts of humanity.  So each of us continues to allow the Spirit to change our hearts.  Each of us are given the opportunity to share the message of the boy whose birth we celebrate.  Each of us are given the opportunity to live the life that he spoke of and provided by example.

Speaking of work, there will be a break in blog posts as I am going on vacation after today.  I eagerly anticipate the opportunity regenerate and to refocus.  My blog posts will begin again on January 7.

Let me close by wishing all of you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and the hope for you to have blessed New Year!


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stack of thinly sliced trees

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Okay, I am back in the office after my vacation.  I am going to make this brief because I have a lot of catching up to do.  I know before I left on vacation, I posted that I would try to blog while on vacation.  Obviously, that did not happen.  I will tell you that I did enjoy my time away and tried very hard to limit my online time and my work-related activity.  This week I will get back to blogging regularly.


So now it is time to systematically make it through the emails, the pile of mail and the whole range of tasks.  Someone told me that taking it one bite at a time is the best way to attack these things so I will be taking my first bite now.


Please start following along with me once again.


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I’m Back   1 comment

Times Square Ball

Image by Atomische • Tom Giebel via Flickr

Well, my vacation has come to an end.  So today is the first day back in the office and the first day in the office in 2012.  It is with mixed feelings that I sit at my desk once again.  I greatly enjoyed my vacation.  I didn’t go anywhere exotic or do anything profound but it was truly relaxing.  I did enjoy going to both a Hawkeye and Cyclone Men’s basketball game.  I spent time reading and I spent time with people I love and friends.  So I will miss all of that.  But I am also glad to be in a routine again. 

For me, my vacation time was a time of sabbath.  I must confess that I do not take much time for sabbath.  In fact, if you looked at my calendar for this month, you would see that it almost completely full.  This is one spiritual habit that I really stink at.  So I deliberately tried to make sure that I did not over plan my vacation time.  I slept most mornings as late as I wanted to sleep.  I went to bed when I wanted to go to bed.  I did everything at my own pace depending on my mood and what needed to be accomplished.

Funny, the Lord had some wisdom when establishing the sabbath.  Maybe I need to trust that wisdom a lot more.  I will work on that in 2012.

Now, I have a TON of catch up work to do so I better get at it.  Hope that all my readers have an outstanding 2012.  Invite others to follow my blog along with you and let’s see what thoughts come into my mind this year!