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One of the interesting aspects of all the social and professional networking sites on the internet is the creation of an online profile.  Each of these websites asks questions in an attempt for you to share information which will introduce you to the world and identify connections with others.  A person has to determine what information she/he chooses to share and how to best describe one’s self.  The major question which is being asked is, “Who are you?”

I find this question a bit daunting.  Most of us begin to answer this question by describing our employment.  We have been trained that one of the key purposes of our existence is to work.  This alone is an interesting topic which is best discussed in another blog post.  Once a person describes the type of employment, then the challenge is to determine where to go next.  Should the next response be to talk about my marital status?  Should the next mention be about my children?  Should I tell about where we grew up?  All part of my life, but does it really answer the question of who I am?

I struggle with this question for another reason.  I struggle with it because at times I wonder if I really know who I am.  Again, I can share endlessly about the factual aspects of my life.  Yet, I know that a life is much more than a list of facts.  I know that a person is much more than his/her career, family, or place of origin.  However, if I am going to go beyond the facts, I have to spend time trying to understand who I really am.

Then there is the issue of how much personal information to share and how comfortable others may be with receiving the information.  There are appropriate boundaries regarding personal information which should be observed.

So maybe this is not so much about trying to fill out the information for a personal profile on a website.  Maybe that is just a catalyst to ask a bigger question of who I am.  What I am truly grappling with today is if I really know who I am.  What would I tell someone if I was asked for more than just the factual aspects of my life?  I think this is a question which will require a much longer process than just one day.  I guess I have created a challenge for myself which will take a bit of time.

What would you share if you were asked, “Who are you?”



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Frequently Asked Questions – F.A.Q – FAQs on Keyboard (Photo credit: photosteve101)

It seems to me that the more years I live, the more that I have started to ask the questions, “Who started this….?” and “Where did this come from…?”  Today when I was with the group that I join for coffee most mornings we began a discussion about what a group of certain animals are called.  This led me to ask the question, “Who decided that this should be the name for a grouping of these animals?”  Everyone got out their smart phones and began Googling to find the answers.  While we never found the source of the name applied to the animals, we did find names for groupings of animals that none of us knew.

I am sometimes amazed how the way I approach aspects of life have changed over the years.  I am sure that when I was younger, I would have never cared what was the source of the labeling of a group of animals.  In fact, I probably would have never cared to know what label had been applied to a group of animals.  However, as I am maturing, I find that my curiosity continues to increase.  I no longer just seek facts or information but instead I want to understand the background and depth of the information or facts.  For me, my curiosity increases with each year of my life.  I never seem to have enough time to dig as deep as I want to go into the information I know or to which I am exposed.

So my life seems to be filled more and more with questions.  Who started this?  Why do we do this?  Where are the beginnings of this tradition?  How did they arrive at that name?

Here are few interesting tidbits that I learned this morning:

  • Wisdom = a group of wombats
  • Sounder = a group of boars
  • Smack = a group of jelly fish
  • Jerk = a group of female horses
  • Scourge = a group of mosquitoes
  • Colony = a group of penguins
  • Drift/Drove = a group of pigs

I hope that your curiosity increases with time.  I hope that I never start asking the questions that cause me to go deeper than just the facts.  I don’t want to be a Joe Friday.

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