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Well, this week it has become evident that winter is eager to arrive.  Most of this week has been filled with cold winds and snow flurries.  There is talk that this weekend will produce the first significant amount of snow in our area.  I must confess that I like the winter weather less every year.  Today as I was walking back from the local coffee shop, the wind was blowing strongly against me and the cold seemed to be penetrating every piece of clothing that I am wearing.  I often say that the wind always makes the cold of winter seem so much worse.

As I sat in my warm office after returning, I spent some time thinking about the cold wind.  I thought about the biting feeling of that cold wind.  I pondered the way that it I struggle to move forward against that wind and the extra energy that I exert because of it.  These thoughts caused me to reflect upon the “cold winds” of life; those individuals and situations that seem to bite at me and cause me to struggle.  I believe that this can also be witnessed in the lives of organizations; the “cold winds” that make forward progress seem very difficult.

Whether we are talking about the cold winds of winter weather or the cold winds of life, the important thing to do is to insure that you have someone who can “warm” you up.  Just as wrapping up in a blanket on a snowy and windy night can bring warmth and comfort to your body, having friends and family who can wrap around you during the cold periods of life are invaluable.  Facing the cold becomes more bearable if you are assured that there is something or someone in your life that can bring you warmth.

I am grateful that the Lord has provided me warmth in life by those who have become a part of my life.  I am grateful that the Lord provides me an endless source of warmth through the Lord’s love.

Holding On   2 comments

Autumn LeavesI have a tree in my yard that still has most of its leaves.  In fact, it is one of the only trees in the neighborhood which is not bare at this point in autumn.  Today is another very windy day in our area with predicted wind gusts of thirty miles per hour.  As I watched the wind strip the few remaining leaves from many of the trees, I thought about the tree in my yard.  I wondered if this wind on this day would be too strong for the tree to hold on to the many leaves it has.  I wondered if this is the day that the beautiful, red, orange, and yellow leaves will yield to the force of the wind and come flying off.  Or would the tree remain strong in holding on to those leaves and when I returned home tonight the beauty would remain.

These thoughts led me to consider the times in life when we can be battered by strong winds.  There are many that when the winds begin to blow, easily yield to the wind.  Their beauty and part of who they are is torn away and falls around them.  They become bare and dormant in their lives.  There are others who are like the tree in my yard, they bend with the wind but they do not yield parts of who they are to the mighty force of the wind.  They hold on.

Which am I?  Which are you?  I encourage us to strive to hold on when life’s wind blows hard.  Hold on to who we are.  Hold on to those parts of us which result in beauty.  Remain strong in the resolve to not yield to the wind but to retain all that makes us the beautiful creature which the Lord created.

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Wind_farmThis week has been a week when we have seen a lot of wind power in our area of the country.  Tuesday was an extremely windy day with gusts of 50+ miles per hour wind.  Today is shaping up to be that and some say even more.  I have watched many different objects being blown down the streets and yards.  All of this made me ponder the power that exists but cannot be seen.  There are two examples that come to mind.

The first example of unseen power is one that exists in many organizations.  This is the power that individuals who do not have official titles or offices sometimes own in groups.  They are the ones that usually have quite a bit of history with the organization and a personality that can persuade other individuals.  Many people will listen to what these individuals have to say even though they have no official capacity in the organization.  As a leader, it is vital to identify who falls into this category.  If you are not aware of the person or persons, you can easily get blindsided in regards to decisions that the organization needs to make.

As a believer, the other unseen power that comes to mind is the power of God.  Just as God’s Spirit is not visible to the eye, the power of God is not usually visible to the eye.  Yet this power definitely exists.  In fact, it is the greatest power in all of creation.  The impact of God’s power is definitely visible much like the box that the wind blows down the street.  Often, it is only during a time of reflection upon the past that we are able to truly identify the power of the Spirit.

So as the wind blows and impacts us once again, I encourage you to consider the unseen power in your life.

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Today is a fairly breezy day where I live and work.  As I looked out my office window this morning, I watched leaves blowing down the street.  Watching led me to think about how easy it appears that the leaves just move down the street with what seems to be no effort on their part.  It is almost like watching a dance or ballet as they glide and then every once in a while do a flip or tumble move.  How effortless it all appears without any cares holding them down.

Then I stopped to think that they do not have any control.  They do not control the direction which they go.  They do not control when they move and when they stop.  They cannot avoid danger, like a car that may be coming down the street.  The leaves are completely at the mercy and the action of the wind.  So while little effort is required, the trade is no decision-making power.

While I observed all of this taking place, the thought came into my mind that some people are like the leaves.  Some people choose a direction in life that will require little effort on their part but has significant consequences as a result.  These individuals let others control where they go, how they think, and what their future might be.  They relinquish significant decision-making power to others in an attempt to avoid having to put in the effort of self-determined living.

This is not how we were created.  The Creator chose to give us the abilities to think and reason through life.  The Creator gave us gifts to use in life that would help us shape our own futures and to avoid dangers.  The Creator never intended us to be controlled by others but instead to be a blessing to others.  The Creator did not even dictate that we must do exactly what was laid out for us at the point of our creation.  Instead, we choose to follow the direction of the Creator.  We choose to live our lives within the boundaries of the Creator’s design.  Now this means that life is going to take effort.  We have to put in the effort to learn, to grow, to study, to listen, to do.

So I encourage myself and all people to not be blowing in the wind like the dry leaves in the street, instead put in the effort to live life.  Put in the effort to learn and grow and make your own decisions.  Put in the effort to determine your path and who you will follow.  The end result is much more rewarding.

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High Wind Storm

High Wind Storm (Photo credit: Outsanity Photos)


It is a damp and blustery day here today.  There is a wind advisory in effect for the area and the hint of winter is in the air.  As I was returning from getting coffee this morning, I had to walk against the wind.  It made me think about how sometimes in leadership, you feel like you are walking against the wind.  It is so easy to get blown back and it is hard to keep pushing forward.  So that caused me to ponder some questions.


Why continue to push forward?  Sometimes in leadership, you come to a point where it seems so much easier to quit fighting against the forces that are pushing back at you.  You may feel exhausted and struggle to find enough energy just to remain upright, let alone to progress forward.  Yet, quitting does not truly benefit anyone.  You have been given a vision and a passion to move the organization forward.  The winds of adversity and discontent are at some point going to surface and strive to halt the forward progression.  However, there is value in forward progression.  An organization that remains stagnant is actually an organization that is falling behind because life is not stagnant and is always moving forward.  The winds of push back actually help strengthen you and should be viewed as a benefit even when they seem painful and cold.


Why not change directions?  If you alter your course completely and go in a different direction, then you will not arrive at your destination in a timely fashion or maybe even at all.  When I encountered the harsh wind on my walk back to the office, I could have changed directions but would not have arrived at my office when I did.  Even if you change directions and take a longer route, eventually you are going to have to face those harsh winds at some point unless you abandon your attempts to reach the planned destination completely.  Putting off dealing with those winds does not eliminate them.


If you are a leader, you know that you are going to encounter resistance and adversity.  Much like the harsh winds that nature may produce, you will feel a push back.  But you need to continue to push forward and stay on course.  Eventually the winds will subside for a while and you will at some point reach your destination.  So don’t worry if you feel like you are going against the wind, journey on.


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Today is an extremely windy day in this part of the country.  I am not going to complain too much since we are to see highs in the 70’s today.  Definitely the temperature that I like better than almost any other.  But the wind is strong from the southwest.  This morning I have watched leaves and many other items blowing across the lawns and streets around my office.  These observations have caused me to think about what happens to items that are not anchored down.

In our lives there are times of high winds.  Sometimes those are winds of thoughts and other times those are winds of events.  Whichever type of wind it may be, I can easily be blown around by those winds.  Much like a leaf in the wind, I can be blown in directions at high rates of speed.  It makes me feel like the line from the Kansas song, “All we are is dust in the wind.”  I can be moved from one place to another before I even realize that the wind exists.This reminds me of how important it is to have an anchor in my life.  For me, the anchor for my life is my faith in Jesus Christ.  When I feel the winds of life blowing me around, I look to my faith to provide me a place to grab on to.  I connect through the reading of Scripture and through prayer.  I connect through trusted fellow believers with whom I can have conversation and discuss my experiences in the wind.What do you rely upon for your anchor in life?  Are you just going where the wind blows you?  If you don’t have an anchor, you might consider looking to the Lord to provide that for you.

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Blowin' In the WindThis week is Homecoming week at the local high school.  What that translates in to in the community, among other things, is that it is a week of houses being adorned in toilet paper.  We have had the privilege of being experiencing this twice so far this week.  (Although I must say that I think the youth could do a better job.)  It is actually a strange sign of acceptance in the community if you have the privilege of waking up in the morning and seeing toilet paper dangling from your trees.

This morning is the start of a very windy day so the toilet paper is flying in the breeze quite a bit.  Watching the moving toilet paper caused me to think about times in life that I feel like I am just flying in the breeze.  There are many different emotions and feelings that accompany such an experience.

At times, this can be a very lonely experience.  I feel like I am out here on my own trying to survive the various movements of the wind.  Other times this can feel very liberating.  There is a feeling of motion and a sense that I am being encouraged to go in directions that I never thought about moving in.  Some times there is a sense of exhaustion.  A feeling that I am going to quit trying to fight the movement of the wind because I have no energy to continue the fight.

As Christians we hear of a warning about letting the “winds of thought” take us places:

Ephesians 4:14
“Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of people in their deceitful scheming.”  (NIV)

This passage tells us to be mature in our faith and not be tossed and blown by the wind of others.

Yet we also see the wind serving as a metaphor for the Spirit.  We hear about the arrival of the Spirit during Pentecost as the sound of a great rushing wind.  So we know that the Spirit can act much like the wind in moving us places.  Much like the wind, we do not always know where the Spirit is moving to but only know that the Spirit is moving.

So I come to the conclusion that it is alright to be ‘ in the wind, as long as I know the source the wind.  If the source is a human one, I need to resist and remain on course.  If the source is the Spirit, then I should go wherever it is taking me.

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