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Recently I was at one of my favorite coffee locations.  The person behind the counter was doing some prep work for an item they would be selling during the lunch time.  He was cutting up onions for whatever he was preparing.  In a relatively short time, the onion smell began to permeate the who place.  My eyes started to become irritated and all I could seem to smell was onion.  This experience led me to think this morning about what it means to permeate.

I think that we have the opportunity to permeate the lives around us.  The question is with what would we permeate those lives.  As a believer, I feel that one item I have to share is my belief.  Many times throughout a given day, I can share my belief with others.  There are many different ways to approach this but I think the best way is to do this sharing without words most of the time.  The way that I live my life and the manner in which I interact with others is at least a starting point for sharing my belief. When others view my life and interactions, it should lead them to see something different and then ask me about it.  Given that opportunity, words could then come into play.

I think that another way we can permeate the lives around us is in our attitude.  I have blogged before about the impact attitude can have.  A negative attitude can permeate a room and have the effect similar to the onion in the coffee shop.  It can cause irritation and be disruptive.  An attitude of joy, or a positive attitude, can feel the room in an uplifting manner.  This attitude can bring pleasure into the lives of others.

So today, I would challenge all my readers to think about permeating the world and people around you.  With what are you permeating your surroundings?


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Message in a bottle.

Message in a bottle. (Photo credit: elvis_payne)

I have come to learn a very important fact of life….  sometimes the way that you deliver a message has a great bearing on the way a message is received.

One of the difficult tasks that a leader must perform is communicating information to a person or group of people which may cause great angst, anxiety, or even anger.  As a leader, I always struggle with this task and I often wish that there was someone else that I could send to deliver the message.  However, there are times when only you are the appropriate person to be the deliverer of the words.

Whenever I face such  a situation, I start by sharing it with the Lord through prayers.  You notice that I used the word prayers because I lift the situation to the Lord multiple times before I need to share whatever potentially troubling information must be shared.  My next step is to seek others to pray that the Lord will give me courage, wisdom, and the correct words when the time arrives.  One of the reasons that I rely on prayers is because I cannot think of any person who was as adept at delivering information that my Lord, Jesus.

My next step is to think about how I am going to deliver the message.  I have learned that choosing the location and timing is an important part of the delivery.  I must be mindful of events leading up to my conversation.  I must strive to choose the proper setting for sharing my words with the individual(s).  Then I must choose what words to share.  These things are so important because it impacts how the message is received.  The same message can be delivered without consideration to these details and could result in a very negative response by the receiver(s).  However, if I take time to consider these details, while the message still may be disturbing to hearer, the words may be better received.

Time spent on creating the message is important.  Time spent on determining the delivery is just as important.

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ideas (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

I had a discussion yesterday regarding leadership styles.  One aspect of that discussion included the presentation of ideas.  As a leader, I have come to learn that how an idea is presented has a great impact upon the acceptance of the idea by others.  So here are a few tips that I try to follow:

  1. Present the idea as clearly as possible.
  2. Include the rationale for the idea early in the presentation.
  3. After presenting the idea, truly listen to what others say in response.
  4. Be prepared to adapt the idea and include helpful insights others may present in their response.
  5. Identify and share with others how this idea may benefit them and/or the organization.
  6. Be sure not to give the impression that what has been done in the past is wrong, it was probably the right thing to do at the time it was adopted.
  7. Show how changes have led to a need to attempt a different approach.
  8. If feasible, provide a “trial” period when the idea is put in place and then an opportunity to review if they desired impact has occurred or if changes (and maybe abandonment) of the idea must be implemented.

I have found that if people impacted or expected to implement the idea are allowed an opportunity to understand why you feel the idea is necessary, they are more willing to attempt the idea than if they are told “this is what we are going to do.”

As a leader who understands that role in a visionary way, new ideas and directions are a part of my responsibilities.  How I present those ideas is key in implementation.  I must always be mindful of my words and the manner in which I do the presentation.  This can probably be said of most interpersonal interactions, even at home.


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what are word for?

Image by Darwin Bell via Flickr

There are days when the Spirit places something in my mind that surfaces over and over.  On some occasions, I understand why the Spirit is giving me these thoughts but there are other times that I am baffled by them.  Today is one of those days when I am not sure what I am supposed to be receiving from the words the Spirit has placed in my mind.  Today I keep hearing the words from a song that I have known for a long time… “When you don’t understand, when you can’t see the plan, when you don’t see his hand, trust his heart.” 

These words are part of a song about trusting the Lord.  They deal with the difficulty that many of us have in figuring out why situations happen in our lives.  The song reminds us that even though it may not make sense to us, the Lord has a clear plan that is based on the Lord’s great love for us.  Even though we may experience difficulties and situations that are painful and/or confusing, we can rely on the Lord to direct us in the way that will bring about the greatest benefit to us and those around us. 

I have relied on this song’s words many times in my life.  The problem that I am having with those words surfacing today is that I am not currently experiencing any situations that are similar to the times I have turned for assurance from these words.  So I wonder if they are words for me or for someone who I will encounter today and that I will have a need to share the words with them.

So I guess I will have to just trust that the Lord has brought these words to the surface of my thoughts for a good reason today.  Maybe it is one of my readers that needs to hear these words.  Maybe someone will be coming into my office or I may encounter on the streets of town that need to hear these words.  Whatever the case, I know that there is great truth in the words.  So I will trust even though it may not make sense to me at this time.

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what are word for?

Image by Darwin Bell via Flickr

“Keep reminding them of these things.  Warn them before God against quarreling about words; it is of no value, and only ruins those who listen.” (2 Timothy 2:14; NIV)

This was a verse in my morning devotions today.  As I read this verse it made me think about churches and those who are a part of the churches.  I thought about how often it is because of quarreling over words that divisions occur in the life of the Church.  People often justify these quarrels by stating that they are trying to keep us faithful to the Lord.   However, I think that the truth is found in the desire to keep the Church in line with their own thoughts.

Words have a very amazing power.  They can be used to build up or to tear down.  They can be used to communicate support or dislike.  Words can cut through a person’s sense of worth or they can mend many cuts.

In addition to the surface meaning and use of words, there are those underlying meanings and motivations.  A word at face value may communicate something different from the intended underlying meaning of the word.  Sometimes we can trip over a word and not grasp the meaning of the sentence, paragraph or complete writing.

In Paul’s letter to Timothy, I think that what he is trying to communicate is the importance of not placing so much value on the actual words but instead placing value on the underlying meanings.  I tell many people how important it is for us to look at Scripture and seek to grasp the main message and meaning instead of getting caught up in specific words.

Maybe if we spent less time arguing about specific words and more time striving to live out the intended message, we would see less division, regain wasted energy, and do a better job of representing the Lord’s purpose.  Let’s stop the word fights.