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After a few days of high temperatures and high humidity, this morning was a very refreshing change.  When I awoke and took my dog on our usual early morning walk, I was greeted with cool temperatures and very little humidity.  The change helped me feel much more invigorated to start my day than the days of warm temperatures and high humidity.  So as I sat at my desk this morning, I thought about those items in life which refresh me.  Let me share the list I have compiled so far:

  1. Walking in a cool stream or pool of water
  2. Ice cream
  3. A craft beer or nice glass of wine
  4. Popsicles
  5. Cool breezes
  6. An ocean beach
  7. A nice massage
  8. A special smile and a gentle word
  9. A crackling fire
  10. Sun raspberry tea under a shade tree
  11. Waterfalls
  12. Fountains

In their own ways, each of these refresh and renew me.  I am sure if I had time to sit and ponder a bit longer, my list would grow.

What would you put on your list?  I hope that you take time to be refreshed today.


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Summertime   Leave a comment

Now that we are having warmer weather (and humidity), it is really starting to feel like summer.  So this song has been going through my head.

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A Change Is Coming   Leave a comment

You can definitely feel it in the air this morning.  With the wind blowing more intensely, the moisture in the air from over twenty-four hours of rain, and the gray skies, you know that the weather is changing to a different season.  It also helps that there are tons of colored leaves that lay scattered upon the ground which have fallen from the trees above.  Autumn is truly upon us and hints of winter are starting to arrive already.

As I thought about these changes in weather and seasons this morning, I pondered the effect of change upon our lives.  I am the first to admit that I dislike the change from spring and summer to fall and winter.  I do not enjoy the colder temperatures and the regularity of cloudy skies that seem to accompany this time of year.  So for me, some changes are less than enjoyable.  When I encounter this type of change, I tend to see an adjustment in my attitude.  I have to work harder to remain positive and to vision into the future.  These are not impossible tasks but I do realize that they take more deliberate effort when my attitude goes in this direction.

Some changes in life are more enjoyable.  I greatly enjoy the arrival of spring and summer.  You can probably easily understand why based upon my earlier comments.  I find myself more upbeat and with an eagerness during those changes.  When you are energized by change, you definitely see possibilities and opportunities.

What all of this says to me is that in regards to change, attitude is very crucial.  I am the one who can impact my attitude the most.  I can have an attitude of resistance and negativity in regards to changes in my life.  Or I can have an attitude of possibilities and positivity as I encounter change.  While I am not going to try to fool any of you into believing that choosing the later attitude is easy when I am not eager for the change, it still is possible.

Life is full of change.  A change is generally always coming.  The question is what to do with that change.

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Today is the day after Memorial Day.  Many people consider Memorial Day as the official starting point of summer.  While it may not be the meteorological or astronomical start of summer, it is when most people change their focus into a new season.  It used to be that schools were finished for the summer by the time Memorial Day arrived.  Today, that is not the case since most schools are going into June and others have adopted a year-round calendar.  Whatever the details and changed realities, I always look at Memorial Day as a marking place in the cycle of life and I am one of those that view its arrival as a declaration of the start of summer.

One of the exercises that I do in my personal and professional life is to use these marking places as a time to reflect.  I like to reflect on where I have been and where I think I may be going.  I find value in doing this exercise because it gives me opportunity to celebrate the unexpected along the path of life.  It also allows me to do course adjustments as I move into the next phase of life.

Whether you use milestones of seasons or other milestones, I believe it is important to regularly do reflection on the course of your life both personally and professionally.  If we “stay on course no matter what,” we have a tendency to miss opportunities and lose out on chances for growth.  We also are deprived of chances to celebrate and experience the joy that comes from acknowledging our achievements over the course of life.  We may fail to experience new paths which will take us to even higher levels of success.

So as I mark another milestone and shift of seasons, I encourage you to find your milestones that lead you to reflect upon and redirect your life and the organizations with which you work.

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So yesterday I was talking about getting caught up.  I am happy to report that I was successful yesterday in taking care of all the details that had piled up.  Now it is time to get back into a somewhat normal routine.  Summer is officially at its end since school started back in session today.  This means that I am moving into my list of fall activities, tasks, and responsibilities.  There is something comforting about routine.

I think that routine provide for me some stability.  I am sure that like many of you, life can become extremely hectic.  Summer provides an opportunity to be a little more laid back about life.  Routine also allows a little more laid back approach in the sense that you can know what to expect and what most days will hold for you.  Now, that does not mean there will not be interruptions and unexpected events pop up.  However, for the most part, a routine provides a path that is often


workout-routine (Photo credit: Tier 1 Leadership)


I am truly a person who likes change and new experiences.  However, I have come to realize that I also find value in routine.  For me, it is not an either/or situation but more of a both/and.  I enjoy when the routine is shaken up or becomes relaxed.  I enjoy when new opportunities present themselves.  But I also enjoy the stability and dependability of routine.  I need both.

So today, it is back to a routine.  Well, at least until, a change or new opportunity comes my way.

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Today is my last full day in the office before I take my annual trek to the State Fair.  For me, this always signals a shift in life.  This shift has multiple aspects but the reality is that a change is coming.  So as I sit at my desk and before I dig into all the details that I need to have taken care of before I am out of the office for a week and a half, I spend some time contemplating the shift.

First aspect of the shift is in regards to my blog posts and my perspective.  My intentions is to continue to post from my tent at the fair.  Now intentions are good but it is the follow through that matters.  I need to be very honest, I am making no guarantees regarding the frequency of my posting but I will give the effort.  I would like to find something each day at the fair to focus upon and use that as my basis for my blog post.  Time will tell on how successful I will be in this effort.

The second shift is in regard to the pace of life.  This summer has been a pretty relaxed and regenerating pace.  There have not been endless days of activities.  However, when I return from the fair, all of that will have changed.  School and community activities will be back in full swing.  Activity around the office will become faster pace

English: A view of the Grand Concourse at the ...

English: A view of the Grand Concourse at the 2009 Iowa State Fair. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

.  Activities in regards to the church will be at an increase.  I will have more meetings and more activities in my life.

The third shift will be a shift in the season.  For me the State Fair marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall.  Temperatures will begin to change.  I will be attending football games.  The length of daylight will have a noticeable reduction.  The colors of nature will shift from deep greens to reds, yellows, and oranges.

All of this is both exciting and somewhat sad.  I do enjoy the increased outdoor activities of summer.  I enjoy a more laid backed approach to most aspects of life.  But I am also one that thrives on changes and shifts so there is excitement in the air for me.  It is time for a shift.  The shift brings new opportunities while at the same time some of the old familiar returning.  Bring on the shift!